Why Is TikTok So Popular & How Can You Get Your Business Involved?

What’s so great about an app that sounds like a clock?

Some years ago, people might have asked a similar question about a website that sounded like a bird call or a book full of faces. Those apps are now familiar household names: Twitter and Facebook are among some of the world’s most popular platforms. TikTok, the new rising name in the social media game, is quickly taking over the digital world!

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Now, some may think that yet another social media app might be a waste of time — and you honestly can't blame them. Other social sites have grown increasingly saturated over the years and have accumulated billions of users. It specifically indicates that a ton of information bombards people - those they’re both interested in and don’t care much about. A 2020 report reveals that about 45% of Facebook users have thought about leaving the platform and 22% have thought the same about Instagram, too.

But what exactly makes TikTok popular for businesses? What can it do for brands that other platforms can’t accomplish?

It's a new way to share content.

Like its counterparts, the reason why TikTok is popular is that it is home to many internet users. In September 2021, there was a reported total of 1 billion users on the platform located in over 150 countries, with high engagement rates and millions of active daily users across the globe. TikTok has a remarkable ability to appeal to changing customer preferences. 

Gen Z is among the most predominant demographics on the internet and among social media users. This radically changes the preferred content across platforms. While millennials mainly respond to text and photo content, today’s teens are more partial toward video content, particularly short-form videos. TikTok provides exactly that by allowing videos that are 15 to 60 seconds long (with some creators given special access to three-minute videos). Users love browsing through the platform because the content creators curate their output based on users' liking.

People have grown exhausted of other platforms because they often feel like echo chambers. With TikTok and how popular it is, brands and creators can share trendy videos and see a variety of different content that they might not usually seek out. The platform successfully caters to the people's interest in short bits of shareable information while still providing a wide variety for users.

It humanizes brands and optimizes their presence.

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How can brands across multiple industries use TikTok to promote their business? What difference does it make between promoting on this site and using other sites? Truthfully, one of the main goals of promoting your business on social media is to humanize it. Depending on your target audience, you should pick the right platform for your target market’s interests. 

Suppose you want to connect with younger generations. In that case, since TikTok is a popular platform, it offers you the chance to humanize your brand and grow closer to the audience that you want to get to know.

On TikTok, one of the ways that you can interact with your target market is by sharing more specific information about your products and services. This includes showing videos on how to use them.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be about the product itself. You can cover different angles such as “meet the team,” “behind the scenes,” or other story-like content that can bring your audience closer to your brand's hows, whos, and whys.

Another way to interact with your followers on TikTok could include answering questions or gathering content suggestions from your followers. It’s a perfect app for collaboration between brands and ambassadors. Other people could help you make content and potentially widen your reach. TikTok influencers from the U.S. have an average engagement rate of about 18%. It means that aside from your followers, they can help you leverage your brand presence through their followers.

It helps elevate brands through in-feed advertising.

There are a lot more technical marketing advantages for brands on TikTok. True, it’s a great place to build a following and eventually a community — but what does set it apart from its competitors? 

One of the best things about TikTok is its in-feed advertisements that fit seamlessly into the ‘For You’ feeds of its users. The natural fit of ads on TikTok compels users to believe that it’s just another video for them to enjoy. It isn’t 'too in your face' or aggressively promotional for the target market.

Another cool feature on TikTok that makes it popular for businesses is that they can use is the branded hashtag. Since video challenges have grown increasingly popular, brands often utilize challenges to engage their audience and have them create videos on their behalf. Usually, brands give prizes in exchange for the most popular or entertaining video. This approach will provide the brand traction through users’ engagement with their hashtags. It can generate millions of views and engagement for brands.

One more way that brands and creators can benefit from TikTok is through monetized content. Business accounts on TikTok provide a detailed analytics dashboard and, in some countries, payment for a certain number of views. Depending on the number of followers and regular engagement, you can generate a healthy revenue stream.

How Can TikTok Help You Grow Your Business?

So now that you know how brands can benefit from TikTok, you might be wondering how your brand can maximize the platform. Like other social media websites, consistency is critical.

You should be posting at least once a day with content relevant to your brand and relatable to your audience. Posting now and then can easily wipe you off of people’s radars. One feature that sets TikTok apart from other platforms is that it shows your most popular videos repeatedly rather than just in terms of posting date. Posting regularly will show that you’re making a concerted effort to connect with them more often.

Aside from this strategy, it’s also essential to engage with your viewers. Staying relevant means participating in trends and giving your likes and shares to other creators’ posts. You can host challenges, repost videos, or use sounds, dances, and other popular trends. This will help you build a great image with your audience, rather than just feeding them with content aimed solely at garnering sales rather than developing relationships.

And, of course, you’re also supposed to use TikTok’s analytics dashboard to understand your audience better. It will tell you what main demographic your followers fall under, how many seconds of your videos they watch, and what videos they like and share. That’s sure to help you create content that reaches higher engagement rates.

Content Ideas That You Should Consider 

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Since short-form video content is ideal for Gen Z, it’s understandable that they want to get the most out of the seconds that they’ll devote to the content they take in. Whether it’s information, entertainment, or relatable content, there’s a myriad of popular content. Here are some that you can use for inspiration:

  • Entertainment videos
    • You may want to consider posting dance videos, prank videos, and other funny, entertaining clips in this content type. Businesses can use this category by participating in dance trends, creating humorous content that’s relevant to their brand, or sharing amusing stories.
  • Informative videos
    • Sharing information about your brand could work well in this category. Things like ingredients, where you source your materials, how to use your product, and other valuable tips might help. You could also do an explainer of how you make your products and what you’re doing to reduce your environmental impact.
  • Beauty, fashion, and skincare
    • Another way to appeal to people on TikTok is through the niches of beauty, fashion, and skincare. If your brand is related to these categories, you could talk about beauty advice, fashion hauls, or makeovers.
  • Life hacks and advice
    • Sharing stories and practical tips is always a way to gain the trust of your audience. A potentially effective way to gain new followers is to explain how you use your products daily or what sets them apart from others. Showing the POV of the products' actual users could also help.

Final Word

Getting a feel for what platform best fits your specific industry and what your target market is interested in can help you gain a better grasp of what content does well. TikTok is a popular way to get them hooked! Once you learn this, it will be far easier to produce successful content. In no time, you’ll be able to increase your following and increase traffic to your other pages, too.

Social media is a power tool. If you know how to use it correctly, it can be highly advantageous to your business. Learning how to use online platforms to boost your brand can give you the edge over your competitors.

Take the first step to learning how to use TikTok and other platforms to reach your audience and boost brand awareness!


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