Why Joining Facebook Groups Is Essential For Your Business

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Social media has revolutionized the way that businesses reach their target markets. Establishments previously relied on print ads and traditional advertising to signal to boost their products. Nowadays, they can launch their marketing campaigns from, say, a private office in NYC straight to their consumers' fingertips within mere minutes! Facebook is one of the platforms that has made this development possible. Brands and entrepreneurs have utilized the social media superpower to benefit their businesses with nearly three billion users.

It’s no surprise either how quickly companies shifted to online means of advertising. On average, people spend about 144 minutes per day reading through social media, making it the prime opportunity for businesses to sneak in a promotion (or two, or ten!). Facebook has even developed features to make it easier for companies to use the platform to their advantage.

One of those ways is by joining Facebook groups and turning them into a marketing super tool. Here are some of the ways that Facebook Groups can drive the success of your business up to cosmic heights:

Direct line to customers

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There's a difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group. Anyone can see the content of your Page, while Groups provide more privacy settings that you can tweak to your needs. This can prove to be advantageous for those who opt to use Groups. There’s no limit to how many people can join a Facebook Group. Businesses can moderate their groups, see who the members are, and get a better feel for their interests.

Brands can also use Facebook Groups as an avenue to address customer concerns, receive feedback, and, most importantly, build relationships. These online avenues are excellent opportunities for customer service to speed up or even grow more personal. People can also help each other out by answering one another’s queries. In addition to customer support, companies can also opt to use these online spaces as announcement channels. People love having the idea that they hear about things first. Hence, a little bit of “exclusivity” can help your customers feel even just a little bit more special.

Business-specific features

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Aside from being a platform for additional customer support, Facebook Groups can also allow businesses to share learning material with their audience. They can also provide room for moderate (or even observe) forums and discussions. Specific tools make these discussions more engaging and exciting for the group members. For example, badges can help identify who’s been in the most prolonged or most active group. It can also let you know whose posts get the most engagement and who posts photos often. Forums can also be more inclusive through features like “Ask A Question” and other similar integrations.

Another option for businesses is to collect feedback through posts and polls. Your audience can become more responsive when prompted with interactive posts — rather than expecting them to post on their own. You can ask them to engage with your posts and eventually motivate them to leave reviews. While incentivizing reviews is often a violation of the code of ethics, giving your audience and customers a satisfying experience can encourage them to share their feedback with you organically.

Organic reach

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Of course, Facebook also offers different privacy options for groups. One of the best ways to maximize your reach is to set your Facebook Group to either Public and Findable or Public but Content For Members Only. Depending on what your goal is, there are benefits for both. If your goal is to expand your reach and get as many people as possible to see your posts, the Public and Findable privacy option might work best. If you’re aiming for a more personal community, feel that it has a sense of exclusivity for your members, or if you want to filter who can see your content. You could have Public and Members-only Content so that people can find it (but not able to join immediately or see your content).

Some businesses also opt to create groups with Private settings, usually intended for more exclusive content or paid memberships. These online avenues are typically more intimate and well-moderated by brands or companies. Groups are a great venue to streamline content and reach a more specific target audience. Whether you’re hoping to collect feedback from your customers or engage with people who might be interested in your products, services, or online profiles, creating a Facebook Group is an excellent way to boost your organic reach.

Engagement and leads

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When organic reach goes up, organic engagement is also likely to increase. More people seeing your posts means more likes, shares, and followers! As mentioned earlier, creating communities on Facebook through Groups can be highly beneficial for businesses. According to studies, communities are essential when developing and strengthening brand loyalty. One of the ways that you can build a community through the help of these online spaces is by creating a “share your product” thread. You can also do knowledge sharing, facilitate Q&As, host giveaways, get-togethers, and even games. Depending on the interests of your target audience, Groups are a way to make things easier. 

Final Word

When building communities, especially online, it sparks curiosity. It helps entice people to try out what you offer and why communities are around it. You can also do this by introducing them to your product, service, or even just your advocacies and messaging. It can resonate or become essential to the people you want to reach. Online communities are a great way to generate leads and eventually increase sales!

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