Why Now Is The Best Time To Grow Your Career

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Although change can be difficult, it presents the opportunity for growth. In the professional sphere, people are still adjusting to the shift toward the hybrid work space. As it stands today, it is difficult to predict what the future of work will look like. Thus, those who are currently a part of the workforce have more control over creating that future. However, if you have not thought about it yet, now is the best time to grow you career.

Working in unfamiliar environments offers professionals the chance to explore new paths  and develop new skills. Take advantage of this time of uncertainty to advance your career. You can do so by mastering the forthcoming qualities that will determine your success level. This will help you as you work through the unknown.

Increased Accessibility = Increased Opportunity

The world devises a plan for moving forward from the disruption that the last year and a half brought. Hence, many organizations are deciding to make the permanent transition to fully remote work models. Companies making this switch are enabling people internationally to land jobs that they no longer need to relocate to accept. 

woman using her laptop

Even with a well-established career, you can still capitalize on the increasing availability of remote jobs. You can pursue this method to drive your career advancement. There may be roles in your field that you were restricted from pursuing in the past due to geographical location. Opportunities to take on new roles are now available from your own home. Another option is from a coworking space or private office — regardless of where you live.

The option to work from home additionally bridges a gap. This concern previously impeded a lot of people from having a fair chance to follow their aspirations. Remote work spreads career accessibility and opportunity for growth to a larger range of demographics, such as those without reliable transportation to and from an in-person worksite, stay-at-home parents who cannot leave young children unattended, and people with disabilities that inhibit their ability to physically go to work.

Whether you are a senior level executive or a mother who is looking to venture into the business world, you can leverage new opportunities unbound by location to reach your occupational goals.

New Skills to Develop

Once you take full advantage of the accessibility that remote career opportunities offer, you can focus on developing your ability to perform to your full potential as a remote worker. To be successful, it is necessary to adjust your old habits to your new situation. 

Founder and CEO of Groove, Alex Turnbull, warns:

“Successfully working from home is a skill, just like programming, designing, or writing. It takes time and commitment to develop that skill, and the traditional office culture doesn’t give us any reason to do that.” 

There are skills that newly remote workers likely did not have a need to focus attention on expanding, until now.

Working from home comes with the elimination of the typical face-to-face, coworker interaction that takes place in the office. This means that there is a need to maintain co-worker connections using virtual means of communication. The closest simulation of the in-person experience is the use of video chatting technologies. 

virtual meeting

To effectively run a virtual meeting, you must understand how to organize and set up these meetings. If you are leading the meeting, you will also need to keep attendees engaged throughout the duration of the event. If you are a participant, your priority should be staying involved. Proper video conference etiquette is essential to meetings that drive innovation and collaboration even while working in your home.

Another skill set that remote work requires is self-accountability. In order to work effectively and efficiently at home, you will need to learn how to hold yourself to the deliverables you are expected to achieve in your profession. You are responsible for motivating yourself to sustain a strong workflow and work ethic at home. The level to which you are able to keep yourself motivated will directly affect your level of productivity. You must self-drive your productivity, which may not necessarily be a challenge, but rather a skill that remote work will help you enhance. Remote work is actually expected to increase productivity in the U.S. economy by 5%.

Despite the opportunities for growth and new experiences, the challenges faced over the last year and a half have had negative impacts on many aspects of daily life. However, any hardship you face provides room to work on two skills that are important both personally and professionally: persistence and flexibility. 

woman working on her laptop from a couch

When the difficulties associated with adjusting to new work models are met with the struggles of quarantine and social distancing, the only option for professionals is to step up to the challenge and continue on the path to achieving their goals with grit and determination. The most difficult situations you find yourself in can be the most beneficial to your ability to work past adversity and thrive with a new perspective.

Take advantage of change to drive your own career success. Use unpredictability and shifts from the “old ways of doing things” to learn and grow your abilities in a way that was not possible before. No matter where you are on your professional career path, there is no better moment to hone in and move forward at full speed than when everyone else is learning to operate in a new normal too.

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