Why Remote Working Is Better From A Coworking Space

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The developments made in technology and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have made working in a physical office broadly a thing of the past. In fact, it has prompted the rise of remote workers in astronomical numbers. Now many are remote working from coworking space facilities.

For a startup business looking to stay ahead of the curve, or an established business looking to innovate their workplace, choosing the right working space for your business can make all the difference.

As an employer, you will encounter different options on the type of work setup you should implement for your business. You will need to come up with the right decision if you hope to sustain your business gain traction. 

This now begs the question: “Which setup should you have for your business?” 

Among the many choices, the most prominent options have always been to either have your employees work in an office or work remotely. Today, remote work means working from home, a coworking space, or other spots that have been known to increase productivity.

To be fair, each setup does have its fair share of pros and cons, with most of it contingent on the niche of your business. 

If you’re at the crossroads of making a decision or need more information about which setup is best, then listen up. Here are some of the pros you can expect from each option:

Working in an office

1. Proper communication

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Proper communication is essential in every line of business. With the idea of flexible work arrangements becoming more than just a trend, the ability to communicate and/or collaborate has been one of the leading issues remote employees have had issues solving. 

Some of this is attributed to delayed responses and difficulty in building relationships. This is despite the fact that modern forms of communication (emails, chats, video calls, and so on) are used every day.  

This is where commuting to an office daily becomes highly ideal. It’s easier to reach out to your other colleagues for crisis management or project updates when working in an office. 

Beyond communicating with one another about work-related matters, working in an office increases employee engagement. Plus it helps keeps everyone updated about latest developments in the business. To work even better, remote teams can use business phone systems and other options that will make their communication more efficient.

2. More room for growth

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When your employees work from home, they have more freedom to work whenever they choose. This may result in one of two things. It can increase level of efficiency by working on tasks during hours when they’re most productive; or procrastination where they end up submitting subpar outputs.

When your employees work in an office, they are immediately surrounded by like-minded people who can impart their knowledge to help them grow their careers. It also helps to have that extra supervision and competition between employees to increase their motivation to complete tasks efficiently. 

Working remote

1. Better chance to achieve a work-life balance

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When employees work remotely, they don’t need to wake up and brace for the everyday traffic. Instead, they can use this time to achieve a better work-life balance; spend time with family, enjoy a hobby, improve physical health, or finish out tasks on their to-do list.

As mentioned earlier, most employees who work from home no longer need to work on a fixed schedule. When you confine your employees to work a fixed eight-hour shift, studies state that they’re only productive for almost three. 

For remote workers, this won’t be a problem. They can choose which time of the day to work, leading to a higher level of productivity and talent retention.  

2. Reduce costs

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Leasing traditional office space can run your wallet dry. You’ll need to shoulder any overhead costs and office supplies; as well as limit business growth (working in a fixed space will restrict your business from scaling); and then of course there’s the lengthy lease you’ll have to endure. 

When your employees work remotely, they’ll only need a laptop, stable internet connection, and a work surface - all of which are items your employees probably already have.  

If your niche is centered on meetings and collaboration, a preferred alternative to an office space would be to invest in memberships at a coworking space.

You pay low monthly fees, a professional environment, and access to office resources.

If you need help finding the right coworking space for a day or for a month, here’s a useful article highlighting the different factors to look out for when choosing a coworking provider.

3. Keeps your business flexible

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When your employees work from home, you don’t need to go all-in on a business model; giving you more flexibility to make changes depending on the needs of your employees. 

Some may prefer to work on-site, or from home, while others may even prefer working in a hybrid setup. When you create a setup that suits the needs of your employees, it keeps them satisfied and engaged to help your business grow.

You’ll not only experience enhanced employee retention, you’ll also have improved access to a wider talent pool, and will as such encourage more innovation in the workplace.

Final Thoughts

As an employer, your business’ success relies on the productivity of your workers. When choosing a setup for your business, always make sure to factor in the opinions of your employees. 

If you’re interested in finding a middle ground, a coworking space will be your best bet. Coworking spaces have what you need that both a remote and office setup can provide. 

When you become a member of a coworking space, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals. They could be someone who works for a similar industry or something completely different from yours. This gives you a better chance to expand your network and spark creativity. 

Coworking spaces like The Farm Soho in New York, CO+HOOTS in Arizona, the Crew Collective Cafe in Canada, and Hubud in Indonesia set themselves apart as coworking spaces by hosting community events to encourage collaboration among their members. 

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, coworking spaces can also offer many other advantages. They can help your employees achieve a better work-life balance and improve employee retention. 

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