Why Using A Virtual Mailbox Is Much Better For Startups Than A Home Address

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Running a business from your garage may be the most feasible option at the moment as a startup owner. And that’s perfectly fine! We’ve all heard inspiring stories about how some of the most successful companies today all started that way. They only had big ideas, determination, and vision back then but look at where they are now! 

We here at The Farm Soho are firm believers in supporting entrepreneurial dreams. We love seeing everyone achieve their goals. Aside from providing affordable coworking spaces and event venues to our community, we also offer virtual mailbox services - which can be perfect for the home-based startup owner.

At this point, we can imagine some of you scratching your head, probably wondering, “Why would I need a virtual mailbox if I’m operating directly from my house? Shouldn’t I just use my home address for receiving mails and packages?” 

Well, allow us to answer those questions right now by enumerating some of the advantages of getting a virtual address: 

A virtual mailbox helps you maintain privacy

The first obvious reason is this. As a startup entrepreneur, you definitely wouldn’t want to publish your personal address on your website or social media channels. Think about it. Everyone - not just your customers - will see your details.

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The possibilities can be scary if you think about it. With a virtual mailbox, you can protect yourself and your family. Your correspondence and notifications about your transactions will be sent to your virtual address. You won’t have to worry about strangers suddenly popping up on your doorstep.

You receive important mail immediately - wherever you are

Another thing about using virtual addresses is that you won’t have to miss any important mails. Your provider will do all the work of sorting everything - from junk mail to bank notices or even letters from a potential investor.  

You can decide whether to keep or shred particular items of mail. In addition, you have the option of requesting your provider to scan documents or letters you need to receive as soon as possible. You can access messages right away and keep digital files at the same time. 

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If you’re living in the same area, you can also drop by to personally pick up your mail. Otherwise, you can ask to have parcels forwarded to your current location if you’re on a vacation. No need to bother your family, friends or neighbors to do that for you.  

Moving to a new house soon? That won’t be a problem at all. A virtual address can help you avoid unnecessary mix-ups by giving you a fixed address, removing the need to update your website to reflect your new address. Most importantly, you don’t lose any mail as you transfer to a different place. 

Your startup business will look more legit

We’ve already mentioned how using your home address is risky. How about a PO Box, you say? Well actually, that could look unprofessional, too. 

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To begin with, you can only receive letters and small packages when using a PO Box. Moreover, Google Local only adds physical addresses on their listings, not PO Boxes. Even if in reality you aren’t exactly operating from there, a virtual address gives you a real street address you can use for various purposes, such as business registration. That’s not possible at all if you only have a PO Box.

We’ve previously discussed how a virtual mailbox can help startups build credibility. You can go read that article if you want to learn more about this subject in greater detail.

Final thoughts

Virtual mailbox services are pretty flexible and, as a business owner, that can be a wonderful thing. 

In case you’re interested about availing of The Farm Soho’s virtual mailbox packages, our plans start at $12.99 a month or $142.99 a year for Address Only. Other than that, you could check out Address Plus ($14.99 a month, $149.00 a year), Mailbox Simple ($19.99 a month, $199.99 a year) or Mailbox Plus ($29.99 a month, $299.99 a year). 

Allow us to help you manage your business mail and eliminate any stress it may be causing you. With our plans, you can rest assured that your startup will enjoy security, flexibility, and improved brand reputation. Hop over to our website now to see what we have to offer!

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