Why WFH Doesn’t Have To Mean Working From Home

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Are you tired of working in isolation? Have you seen a decline in your level of productivity? How can working from home make it all easier? Don’t worry. Everyone’s been there. Even if you have more freedom to work on a flexible schedule and say goodbye to the stress of traffic and commute, working in the same room for hours on your lonesome can feel monotonous and solitary. If you’re looking for new ways to refresh your mind and give you that jolt of productivity, spending days working outside your home office setup can help. 


Being encapsulated in a new environment even for a day can give you a new wave of motivation and energy to complete your tasks because of the ‘social-facilitation effect’ - working in a new environment would also give you a chance to socialize with other people. 

Now that you know the idea of working in other areas aside from your abode, all you need to do is find the correct location. This article will share seven spots where you can spend the day or even a few hours to help you stay focused and productive.

1. Coffee shops

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Coffee shops are probably at the top of every work-at-home employees list. And why not? You get exposed to ambient noise, new scenery, and coffee.  

But are those the only reasons remote workers love spending so much time in coffee shops? Nope. In a recent study by Harvard Business Review (HBR), the psychology of working beside different people is the ultimate reason for someone to increase their level of creativity and productivity.

2. Libraries

If you’re looking for quiet scenery, a library would more than fit the bill. Libraries have spacious desks, a stable internet connection, and a wide range of resources, all for free. Ensure to ask the librarians if they require membership for you to have access to their resources.

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In contrast to coffee shops, libraries are occupied mainly by students and avid readers, making them an unsuitable location if your work is centered on meetings and phone calls.

3. Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have been rising even before the Covid-19 pandemic, with more than 41,975 coworking spaces expected globally by the end of 2024.

So, what do these establishments have to offer that coffee shops or libraries do not mention?

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We’ll give you an example. For instance, The Farm SoHo provides dedicated work desks, meeting rooms, conference areas, and other features like virtual mailboxes, phone booths, and unlimited coffee. They even have event venues to host events for different occasions, a pet-friendly environment, and private office spaces rentals in NYC at a low fee.

4. Your alma mater

Campuses are buzzing with positive energy from their students. When you visit your old alma mater, you keep your mind rooted in familiar surroundings - you know which spots are best to maximize productivity, where to grab a bite to eat, or where you can refresh your mind to give yourself a break.

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You can even ask for advice from your old professors on different subjects, especially if your current line of work is related to what you studied in college.

5. Museums and art galleries

What better way to foster inspiration and creativity than to surround yourself with paintings and ancient artifacts? When you observe works of art and read about important events from years past, you stimulate an authentic learning experience.

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What could be better?! Like visiting your alma mater, museums and art galleries give you more areas to choose where you want to work - designated seating areas, in-house cafes, and restaurants.

6. Public parks and other open spaces

If you’re looking for a place with fresh air and green scenery, the public park should do wonders to improve your level of productivity. 

With nature known to vastly improve one’s physical and mental health, visiting the public park will help you achieve a perfect work-life balance.

When you’re in an open space like the park, you eliminate the probability of having to go back home due to a lack of desks like in a coffee shop or library.

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The one problem you might encounter when spending the day working in a park is having access to a stable internet connection.

Even if most parks have public Wi-Fi, you’ll need to be careful. Using public Wi-Fi can make you more susceptible to hacks. So, it’s better to use your mobile data for a more secure and productive day out in the park.

7. Someone else's home

You may be puzzled upon reading this option because, after all, why would you leave the comfort of your abode only to go to someone else’s?

Remember, you’re after the social-facilitation effect. When you go to someone else’s home - a friend, family member, or colleague, you expose yourself to a different environment and hold yourself more accountable, especially if people in that home are also remote employees.

Visiting someone else’s home will also free you from the different distractions you usually succumb to when at home.

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One of the perks of working from home is having more flexibility, including where you want to work. 

So, don’t force yourself to stay in if you feel it hampers your level of productivity. Everyone can have an off day, but once it becomes consistent, that should be a strong indicator that you need to mix up your work routine.   

Now, we’re not saying that you should go out and spend each day going to the different areas mentioned in this article - you can even do it as little as once a month if you like! When you expose yourself to a different environment, you’ll give your mind time to refresh and focus on the tasks at hand.

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