Why You Should Keep Your Team Motivated When Working From Home

Working From Home

In today's world, working from home is considered the new normal. More companies are choosing to adopt a remote office approach, allowing employees to work from home. For employees, there are many advantages and disadvantages that come with working from home. Each pro and con differs between households and living arrangements.

However, one of the common struggles many business leaders face is keeping their team motivated. When their team is no longer in the office, it can be challenging to ensure they remain motivated. In turn, affecting their ability to submit outputs.

Here are some of the reasons you should attempt to keep your team motivated whilst working from home.

Benefits Of A Motivated Team

A motivated team can be an invaluable asset to a business. Motivation is intangible. It is difficult for business leaders to measure and control motivation levels amongst their employees. However, it can be easy to improve motivation. As a result, your business can reap the many benefits of having a motivated team as part of your workforce. These are just some of the benefits that can come from successfully motivating your team.

  • Higher Retention Rate – High turnover rates and low retention rates in the company can be a red flag for those looking to apply for a role in that business. Whilst they might not know the reason for the low retention rates, it can indicate an unhappy workforce. Individuals will leave their current role if they lack interest in it, find it challenging, or have limited opportunities. If employees do not have any reason to be motivated, it affects their productivity levels. Keeping your team motivated and engaged in their work can help your business boast high retention rates, showing potential employees that your company is a place where they will be appreciated and thrive.

  • Increased Levels Of Productivity – Every business leader aspires to have a productive workforce. The motivation levels of employees can impact the productivity levels within the business. Employees who feel motivated are more likely to work harder for the company, leading to higher productivity levels.

  • Improvement In Employee Engagement – Employee engagement and motivation are two factors that blend into one. Having an employee engaged in their work can prove to be invaluable to a business. When employees are involved in their work, their productivity levels are high. To be involved in their work and boast high productivity levels means that the employee is motivated to do well within the role at the company.

Ways To Motivate Your Team

Working remotely does have a variety of advantages that employees do value. It can provide a better work-life balance for them, it helps save them money on their commute, and for others, their productivity levels increase. It can also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

However, it can be challenging to keep employees motivated after a prolonged time of working from home. It is crucial to find tactics and show empathy to help keep your team happy and motivated.

Here are a few ways to motivate your team as they work from the comfort of their home.

Offer Training Or Mentorship

Employees want the chance to grow in a business. They want opportunities to learn new skills and develop them in higher roles. When employees are allowed to learn a new skill, they feel valued. It shows them that the company values them and wants to invest in their future. One way to achieve this is by offering either a training or mentoring programme. It shows your employees that you want them to succeed and are willing to invest in them to help them develop new skills and expand their knowledge.

Using a mentorship platform, such as PushFar, employees will be provided with an opportunity to gain experience and learn about a specific topic from an industry expert. An additional benefit when using a mentoring platform is that you and your employees track their progress. When employees can see the progress they have made with their learning, it can help to motivate them with their training.

Additionally, when you invest in your team by offering training or mentoring, it shows your employees that you care. It shows them that you value them as employees and want them to do well within the business. As such, you have invested in time and resources to enable them to learn more and expand their skills. Showing your team that you care through training or mentoring can motivate them to do the best job possible.

Recognize Accomplishments And Efforts

Every day employees work tirelessly to ensure they accomplish their set targets. Often than not, many will go the extra mile to help in the company's success. The dedication and hard work that your employees provide should not go unnoticed.

Recognising and acknowledging employees' accomplishments is one of the most effective ways to enable your employees to feel engaged with the company. By recognising the efforts your employees have made in their work, it can boost an individual's confidence. In turn, this boost of confidence can help to motivate them further to continue doing their best and finding ways to improve.

When your team works from home, you must make an effort to keep your employees engaged in their work as much as possible. Taking the time to recognise your employees’ actions can enable you to do that.

Improve Company Communication

When teams work remotely, communication amongst employees suffers the most. As employees are in the physical presence of one another, it can be challenging to communicate with others in the team. There is also the additional challenge of information being missed or misunderstood.

The internal communication strategy within your company should emphasise ensuring that there is clarity in communication. If this is not prioritised, there is a possible chance of things being lost or misunderstood. As a result, you will likely notice low engagement amongst some of your employees. Alongside this, there may also be a regularly occurring communication gap between your employees.

To help prevent a gap in communication and help people feel connected, utilising platforms available designed to keep employees in contact is crucial. There are numerous instant messaging platforms available that employees can use to stay in touch with one another. They are also an excellent way for managers to check in frequently with their employees to see how they are getting on with their workload or projects they are working on. You could also try innovative new ways of capturing the attention of employees - for example by using video for internal communications.

The Bottom Line

Working from home can be challenging. It can be tough for managers to tell if their teams struggle with their workloads. Video meetings can especially be challenging as it can be difficult to build connections with others in the company. Understandably, business leaders want to ensure that their team is engaged with their work, communicating effectively with others, and motivated to do well.

Implementing strategies to help keep your team motivated is one of the best ways to keep your team engaged while working from home.

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