Why You Still Need to Be Using Instagram for Marketing

How can Instagram help your business for marketing?

A decade since its original public launch, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It is boasting over 1.3 billion active users since its launch. What began as a simple photo-sharing app for friends has evolved into one of the most powerful tools. This tool is leveraged for brands, businesses, and creators across the globe. There are currently 200 million businesses using the platform!

How can you determine if it's still an excellent place to promote your business with so many people on Instagram? After all, it can’t be possible for every business online to get the attention they want, can it? If you’re already a user or a beginner wondering whether Instagram might still be relevant for you or your business, here are some things that you might want to consider:

The downsides of using Instagram to market

Instagram users can choose to benefit or not support businesses who plan to use it as a marketing platform. About 95 million posts are shared on the platform each day! This means that some posts barely get seen (or don’t get seen at all). Businesses could post regularly and still not be able to reach a large number of people. It means that they could be wasting resources on a platform that connects them with people they want to reach.

Instagram can also be time-consuming. Not all businesses have dedicated marketing teams. This is true, especially in the case of smaller companies that only operate within their local area. It takes a lot of time to learn a platform so that it can work to your benefit. It can also get reasonably expensive to know how to use Instagram and maximize all of its features. Some use paid promotions, while some take up a lot of time and effort to learn how to use them. Sometimes, Instagram isn’t always the best option for your business.

How this social media superpower can help you connect 

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On the other hand, after some time and effort, Instagram also has the potential to build your brand awareness and skyrocket your sales. This can happen once you make an effort to learn more about your target market and what you can do to capture their interest. Understanding what content is most relevant to your business and the people you want to attract is the first step in figuring out whether or not you should use Instagram.

Suppose your target market is Millennials or the younger teens. In that case, you might want to do more interactive, visual content that appeals to them. However, even if your target market is older audiences, there are still ways to reach them on Instagram.

Since this social media platform first started as a photo-sharing app, it’s very visual from a general angle. Businesses have taken advantage of Instagram for marketing. They do this by communicating their announcements and updates and interacting with their customers through eye-catching graphics, videos, and animations. Instagram games are a common favorite to capture people’s attention — whether they be checklists, bingos, uploading GIFs, or other photos, getting someone to post on their story and tag a friend is a quick way to grow your following and engagements. Some alternatives include live videos, giveaways, and reels as well. When your followers see you making an effort to better connect with them, you instantly become more relatable and trustworthy.

Way to humanize your brand

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When connecting with your preferred audience online, you also have the chance to show a more human and personable side of your brand. Authenticity is one of the most important factors when consumers decide whether they trust a product and buy from a particular company. Instagram for marketing gives you the chance to show that there are actual people who care about consumer interests and welfare behind the effort to make sales and expand your reach. Everyone knows you want their money and attention. Still, online platforms like this give you the chance to show that it’s not just about the sales but also what you can do for the people who trust you and give you their money.

A more concrete example of how brands can become more human is by using social media to improve customer service and collect feedback. Instagram has developed features for businesses to enhance interactions with their followers, a significant boost for brands. From automated replies and message reminder notifications to story reply functions and polls, it’s so much easier to collect information and be there for your followers, customers, and potential customers.

Marketing tools to make your campaigns easier

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Instagram's tools make it easier for businesses to collect and analyze the numbers aspect of their social media campaigns. Of course, it’s essential to post content and engage with other users, but how else would you measure the success of your campaigns? Instagram provides analytics that shows how many people saw your post, interacted with it, shared it, and other similar actions. They can also tell you what demographic your audience falls under, making it easier to refine the content that you plan out and post.

Of course, ads on Instagram are also easy to design. They are well-integrated when users browse stories and posts, giving them that more authentic feel. Businesses can also include promotional content in their postings or even partner with influencers. There are tons of options to move your advertising campaigns forward on the site. You’re also able to select your preferred audience so that you’re more likely to reach the target market. Instagram allows you to launch campaigns directed toward people who are more likely to be interested in your content.


While some may think that Instagram is waning in popularity, the opposite couldn’t be more accurate: it continues to gain relevance even as new platforms emerge. Instagram has been around far too long and has integrated itself into the daily lives and routines of businesses, individuals, and even larger entities. These include governments, creators, and pretty much everyone under the sun. Instagram makes it easier to connect with people.

With proper planning and meticulous execution, Instagram can bring significant benefits to your business. There’s no underestimating the power of connection! If you want to learn more about social media and where you can reach your target audience, read this article next.

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