Will TikTok’s Temporary Ban in Russia Impact Marketers Using The App?

TikTok’s Temporary Ban in Russia

Now that Russia’s ‘fake news law’ - a law that punishes individuals for spreading ‘false information’ - is in full effect, this has led to the temporary suspension of locals from using the social media platform (TikTok) to view, share, or live stream videos.

This has many people wondering: Is this a precursor to similar actions by other countries?

After all, TikTok's ban in Russia had been expected for quite some time now. Tiktok's already banned in countries such as India and China. What's more, the United States even attempted to ban the app last July 2020 while under the regime of former US President Donald Trump.

Although TikTok's ban in Russia was decided by the creators themselves to protect its users, it does beg the question:

Why have other countries tried to ban TikTok in the first place?

Some countries have multiple reasons for banning or trying to ban the platform, but most say it’s because of the following:

  • There is a high volume of inappropriate and sensitive content (pornography, blasphemy, violence…)
  • Security concerns over the amount of access the app has to a user’s data

Does this mean marketers should cease using the app in future marketing campaigns?

With TikTok continuing to reassure countries that use the app that they will censor inappropriate content and protect user data, marketers can safely continue to use this social media platform.

While it has received criticism for some of its published content, it offers numerous opportunities for marketers. It allows them to easily generate content, connect with influencers, and increase brand awareness.   

For starters, TikTok is still a relatively new platform. What this means is, many businesses and marketers have yet to convert to using the app for advertising purposes. What’s more, knowing that competition is limited and that customers prefer video when consuming content, you won’t have to break the bank if you want to achieve a successful marketing campaign. 

This platform is even more beneficial to startup businesses. You sometimes won’t even need to shell out any money when using TikTok for advertising. You just need to:

  • Create a video
  • Hop on a trend
  • Use relevant hashtags and audio, and
  • Lure them in with an engaging caption.  

*Tip: If you’re considering tapping an influencer on TikTok, make sure you check their followers, views, and shares. Even more so on their recent videos.

TikTok’s algorithm is very uniquely curated to match a user’s recently viewed videos.

This may result in them not seeing your branded video on their ‘For You’ page. 

* There has been no timetable to when Tiktok's ban in Russia will be lifted.

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