Workplace Flexibility Improves Team Performance

The newest trend for corporations is that they are beginning to allow their employees to try coworking spaces in NYC. This helps mid to large sized corporations easily find an office space when their growing and have a class of new hires.

The early feedback is that coworking immensely helps larger companies find flexible workspaces and their employees love it. Staying in the same office space for a long career can become routine and boring.

Working at a coworking space next to startup teams and entrepreneurs creates an exciting atmosphere that is not usually found at a large corporation. The employees of these mid to large-sized companies that try coworking report that they really enjoy the atmosphere. 

Team functioning and performance can actually improve when teams work flexibly. Researchers introduced a series of manager activities including focus groups, training, a planning tool, and follow-up support activities over a three-month period. Both manager and employee attitudes were measured before and after the interventions.

Fifty-five percent of the managers who completed the planning tool called a flex team blueprint reported improvement in team communication, and 53% reported team interaction improved. Over 41% saw an increase in their team’s understanding of performance goals, 24% said customer service improved, and 20% said productivity improved.

Other shifts in manager attitudes included the following:

writing and drawing at coworking spaces
  • Concerns that flexible work arrangements would be used inappropriately decreased 23%.
  • Concerns that policies were ambiguous or unclear decreased 19%.
  • Concerns over how to evaluate flexibility requests decreased 21%
  • Concerns over how to reach employees if there is a crisis decreased 20%

This study is proof positive that it is possible to properly equip managers, even those who might be resistant, to succeed in leading a flexible team.

Employees were also more likely to believe they could use flexible work without hurting their career, after manager training. With the right tools, those fears can be overcome. In almost every case, managers reported no negative impact on the business after they built a plan with their employees for how they’d work together in a flexible environment.

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