Workplace Flexibility Improves Team Performance

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Today, more and more New York City corporations are beginning to allow their employees to use coworking spaces. This option allows companies of different sizes to accommodate new hires without breaking the bank. It's way more cost-effective and flexible compared with the traditional office setup.

The early feedback is that coworking not only helps companies find flexible workspaces and their employees love it. Besides, routinely staying in the same office space for a long time can result to boredom or fatigue for the workers.

On the other hand, sharing a coworking space next to creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovators can create an exciting, dynamic atmosphere that is not usually found in a corporate office. It's a game changing vibe that promotes collaboration and networking. No wonder, even startup businesses are seeing the numerous advantages of taking the coworking route.

Overall team performance can actually improve when teams enjoy workplace flexibility

In a study conducted by Boston College in collaboration with Career/Life Alliance Services and Life Meets Work, researchers introduced a series of interesting activities for managers. This includes focus groups, training, planning tools, and follow-up support activities over a three-month period. The said research observed both manager and employee attitudes before and after the given time frame.

According to the results, 55% percent of managers who completed the planning tool (called a 'flex team blueprint') reported improvement in team communication. Meanwhile, 53% of them team interaction saw significant improvement. More than 41% noticed an increase in their team’s understanding of performance goals. On top of that, 24% said customer service improved, and 20% said productivity improved.

Other shifts in manager attitudes included the following:

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  • Concerns that workplace flexibility arrangements would be used inappropriately decreased 23%.
  • Concerns that policies were ambiguous or unclear decreased 19%.
  • Concerns over how to evaluate flexibility requests decreased 21%
  • Concerns over how to reach employees if there is a crisis decreased 20%

This study is proof positive that it is possible to properly equip managers - even those who might be resistant - to succeed in leading a flexible team. Employees were also more likely to believe they could enjoy flexible work without hurting their career, following manager training.

This just goes to show that with the right tools, hesitations can be overcome. In almost every case, managers reported no negative impact on the business after they built a plan with their employees on how they’d work together in a flexible environment.

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