Yes, Social Media Influencers Can Help Boost Your Brand Awareness

What pops into your mind when someone mentions the term ‘social media influencer’? Some may associate it simply with the image of an ‘attractive’ person posing in front of cameras in lots of exotic locales.

However, the Merriam-Webster dictionary gives us a good definition. According to their website, the word ‘influencer’ specifically refers to an individual who can generate interest in something (such as a consumer product), usually by posting about it on social media.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how these personalities can benefit your business by helping to boost your brand awareness. 

Influencers and brand awareness

According to Hubspot, brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how immediately recognizable it is. This makes creating a positive brand image even more essential, especially if your business is in its early stages. 

Statistics have even shown that 71% of consumers consider it very or somewhat important that they “recognize a brand” before making a purchase.

See the clear-cut connection between the two? 

Yes, online personalities are capable of helping you boost brand visibility in many different ways. By collaborating with the right social media influencer, you can amplify your business’ reach as you gain exposure to their followers. 

social media influencers

Knowing that an influencer can easily sway someone else’s actions, this makes it easier to get your message across. You can gain people’s trust in the process without having to test different kinds of landing pages in trying to increase sales.

In the past, brands mostly relied on print and visual forms of advertising. Companies invested in magazine, newspaper, radio, and tv ads to enhance brand awareness. 

Businesses today have leaned on the power of effective social media and digital marketing techniques.  Clearly, tapping influencers within your niche or industry is one of those techniques.

So, how do you take full advantage of what most people call ‘influencer marketing?’ 

Here are our five suggestions:

1. Offer a promo code with a custom URL 

social media influencers

If there’s one thing people love, it’s the idea of pinching pennies. When an influencer uses their promo or discount code to get followers to purchase your products or services, this makes it easier for you to monitor the performance of your influencer in your business through ‘clickless tracking.’ You’ll immediately see how many referrals eventually clicked through to your landing pages and made a purchase as a direct result of the promotion.

Influencers can use their different platforms to promote their promo codes. They can do so through a social media post, by going live, or by mentioning it in a podcast episode.

This also sends the notion to their followers that they're getting an exclusive deal, meaning this promo won’t be available elsewhere. 

2. Do product giveaways

Another way to generate buzz and engagement for your brand is to host giveaways and contests. Who doesn’t appreciate getting free stuff, right?

When taking this route, make sure you define the rules clearly so that both the influencers and those interested to join understand what they need to do. Would they need to follow your brand’s social media accounts? Or maybe share the giveaway post on their wall and tag ten of their friends in the comment section? 

It’s all up to you! Just make sure you communicate everything clearly to avoid any possible confusion leading up to the giveaway. 

3. Send a PR package

Sending PR packages likewise leads to increased brand recall. Social media influencers always appreciate brands who send them gifts. If they like what they receive, they may even do more than give you a shoutout on one of their social media channels. They might go the extra mile and do an unboxing video or product review. This form of influencer marketing is a win-win situation for both parties. For the influencer, they can use it as an opportunity to create new content. Meanwhile, your business can benefit from more exposure without having to break the bank. 

4. Host a social media takeover

There will always be skeptics. Fans of your chosen influencer/s sometimes need more than a shoutout or social media post to be convinced of your brand. When an influencer to take over your brand’s Instagram page, for example, it shows that the influencer is involved in your business. Plus they get to create engaging content for your business’s social media page. 

5. Invite a social media influencer to your event

An influencer’s presence at one of your events can be a game-changer for your business’ brand awareness. Influencers will post, tweet, or share posts on the days leading up to the event, during, and after. This will give you a lot of exposure on their social media channels at a relatively low cost. 

A few reminders about collaborating with social media influencers

If you’re creative enough and think outside the box in various forms of influencer marketing, your business can achieve stellar results. Be reminded, however, that companies “recognize that social media influencers should be treated as brand ambassadors rather than as an advertising outlet.”  

So, be polite when you contact them, give them an introduction of who you are and what your business is all about, and show them that you are familiar and impressed with what they do. 

These protocols are essential as some social media influencers may be hesitant to collaborate with brands that aren’t exactly buzz-worthy.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of going all-in and aim to capture big-time influencers with a million followers right away. That avenue could be too expensive, especially for a startup business. 

Influencer collaboration can be the key to taking your business to the next level

Influencers come in different audience sizes and niches so take time to search for the perfect fit. Case in point, it’s better to look up micro-influencers as you grow your brand. Micro-influencers would be more likely to happily mention and recommend your products or services to their growing following.

When you compare influencer marketing to the classic, tried-and-tested word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing can go a long way in enhancing your brand’s reputation without having to test different visuals and target markets. 

When done right, you can even build long-term relationships with influencers that help you achieve your long-term business goals. 

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