About The Marketing Team

Let us take care of the entire side of sales and marketing, so that you can stay focused on your mission, vision, product, and business while we keep the traffic flowing in your direction.

who we are

Who We Are

Being business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to grow a company from the ground up. The Farm SoHo began as a coworking space, but we soon realised that to provide for our members fully, we could be giving so much more through our own experience of our personal needs through business development.

We have expanded beyond providing a brick and mortar office solution to our members to supply the answer to your every business demand, providing outsourced, low-cost, all-encompassing services ranging from marketing, social media management and SEO to financial reporting and advising as well as operational and managerial consulting. This is the next generation of business progression.

How The Team Is Structured

Our passionate, dedicated team is built up of skilled experts in their individual fields, with our CEO at the centre. This robust structure allows each of our talents to be put to best use to provide an efficient, seamless process covering all possible knowledge gaps across the marketing spectrum. What makes our team so special is that each of our personal specialists can be deployed when needed. We only invest our time in businesses we believe in, so that our exclusive clients feel personally looked after throughout the entire process and can even be guided on a 1-1 basis by our own CEO to provide the ultimate service.

If You’re A Startup That Needs Help But You’re Worried About Costs…

Agencies that offer all-encompassing services, like our own, are often exuberantly expensive, as you are paying for the fast-track knowledge you gain from the experience of others. However, as many of our own team members are entrepreneurs at heart, we know and understand what a startup is and how tight budgets can be. So don’t worry! We are highly competitive in price and can formulate pricing plans for companies that need to spread the cost over time.


Know Us On A First-Name Basis

Lucas Seyhun

Lucas Seyhun, CEO of The Farm SoHo, is a serial entrepreneur that has been part of many failing businesses. Eventually, this became the knowledge base of his success. Before his entrepreneurship career, Lucas was part of the US Military—a key building block of his resilience. Growing up, Lucas’ family was economically challenged, but this gave him the ability to be financially creative and build companies out of thin air.

Bianca Polizzi

Bianca Polizzi, UoB French & Italian Language graduate with 9 years experience in copywriting, ghostwriting and journalism and 5 years in marketing and social media management. Bianca’s passion for social media is reflected in her own well-established online following across Instagram & Twitter. Founder of Elite Yoga Escape – single-handedly launching, marketing and filling yoga retreats within 3 months of graduating as a certified Yoga Instructor. Bianca has used this first-hand knowledge to help countless other startups launch their digital presence online over the last 3 years, while she continues to travel full-time.

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