1178 Broadway, 2nd & 3rd Floors New York, NY 10001

From Private Offices for deep focus to breakout rooms for collaborating, Farm Nomad, our brand new 11,000 sq.ft loft, is destined to be your new headquarter in the bustling midtown.


Private offices

Short to Long Term Flexible Arrangements
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1 person $750/mo $637/mo July 1st
2 person $950/mo $807/mo
3 person $1,450/mo $1,232/mo
4 person $2,400/mo $2,040/mo June 1st
5 person $2,950/mo $2,507/mo Nov 1st
6 person $3,750/mo $3,187/mo
8 person $4,500/mo $3,825/mo May 1st
16 person $9,500/mo $8,075/mo

*Soonest availability listed, starting prices indicated

Spring Promo! 15% off for the First month!

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Customized full-floor office

Short to Long term, Ready to move-in

Accomodates up to 26

Private Conference Room

Dedicated Phone Booth

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