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TheFarmSoHo Blog: Sponsored Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in sharing your original content with The Farm SoHo community, a vibrant, diverse and fast-growing network of entrepreneurs, startups, digital nomads and established brands making the most of our unique coworking spaces, serviced offices and event spaces. We have three awesome locations in New York City – but our reach is truly global!

We’re always on the lookout for well-written, insightful, informative and entertaining posts to add to our popular high-traffic blog. 

Our standard criteria for sponsored posts are:

1. Carefully researched and well-written, keyword rich, original, previously unpublished (Copyscape-vetted) posts that will remain unpublished elsewhere in the future. Ideally, posts should be a minimum of 600 words but for the best possible performance on search engines, aim for 1,000 to 1,500 words. 

2. Content must be specifically relevant to our niche.  Remember we are a coworking, event venue space, where you can digitize your mail or use our own address as your business address – we also specialise in marketing and SEO, so blogs based on any of the above would be awesome! We’re really only interested in topics that will directly appeal to our particular audience – think agile, business-focused innovators, entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads, start ups, coworking space members… How will your content make their lives easier and help them drive their enterprises forward? Take a look at our published posts for a clearer idea of what we’re after.     

3. Any links included in your content must lead to authoritative sites, original source peer reviewed studies / legitimate surveys etc. No more than 1 link to your desired site, which must be ‘secure’ and in the main comprise content of direct relevance to our niche. Links leading to inappropriate content will automatically disqualify a post from publication. 

4. Any accompanying images must be high resolution, copyright-safe (royalty free for commercial use) and sent as separate attachments as a response to our follow up email, rather than embedded in the initial document that you will upload below. TheFarmSoHo will not be held liable for any submitted images not licensed for free commercial use and published in good faith.

5. Include a brief author bio and have a profile high-res photo ready to email back to us when we reach out to you.

Sponsored post publishing fees are dependent on relevance to our readership and quality of submitted content. We are happy to provide a quote on receipt of your completed post, inclusive of links; or an estimate based on your intended topic, again including intended links.  

We reserve the right to edit your post in line with editorial policy; to remove/replace links at our discretion (other than your 1 desired link, which will be designated as ‘sponsored’); and to unpublish posts without refund in the event that they are found to be published elsewhere or if content on the linked page changes materially. We may also add internal links to a related Farm SoHo page or blog post at our discretion.

Please email your submission using the form below. We will send you a follow up email to request high-res images that you can then send over in response. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration!