Strategic Marketing Alliance

1) Backlink Collaborations


    a) Our Blog:

    The Farm will write a Blog post on you or your organization with possible interviews with the founders/employees to disseminate                           through our social media and other channels.

    Please contact our writer Doug Darroch ( ) for details.

    b)  Guest Blogging:

    We would like to have a thematically relevant and original blog post of ours to be featured on your blog.

    We can write a post depending on the type of content you need. 

    c)  On your Page:

    We would like to spread the word about The Farm. In exchange of particular value. Please contact us concerning the details. ( The Farm Logo )


2) Social Media Collaborations

   a) We'll share your products, services, and posts on our Facebook and Twitter page.

    ( Please tag our Facebook and Twitter pages on your posts you would like us to share) ( Feel free to use and share our Image Library )

    b) We'd like you to share the attached social media post link.  ( Facebook Post )


3) Newsletter Collaborations

    a) We'll share your product and services with our email network of 15k+ subscribers in our newsletter.

    b) We'd like you to send an email blast within your network with a discount created specifically for your company newsletter. ( Sample Html )

    c) If you have a regular newsletter, please include a blurb promoting The Farm Soho.