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Whether you’re looking for high end office space, economical sublease , or amenity rich coworking. We are here to help, we will survey the market and help you locate the best suitable option.


There aren’t many places in the world where you can encompass yourself in nature while you work – especially not in Manhattan. Our interior design team will study your company culture to understand your office needs and apply it to your office design by working closely with your team.


Our highly experienced team manages your office, such as IT maintenance, daily cleaning, mailbox management etc… So you can focus on growing your business.

How does it work?

We design and operate your space the way you want it, with the added perks of flexible solutions.


Locate and pick your preference

Browse available spaces, pick some favorites.


Locate scout & site visit

Tour alongside local market experts.


We handle the rest.

Sign a lease. We help with everything else too.

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Trusted By Respected Enterprises

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Our Services

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Locate Your Workspace

We all know moving in NYC is a struggle. So relax while we make finding the perfect workspace a breeze.

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Build and Design

This is where the magic happens! Looking for reclaimed rustic wood worktables, or a fast secured network, maybe all you need is 5 breakout rooms

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Experience Day-To-Day Management

Looking for a cold brew on tap, daily office cleaning or a fully stocked kitchen? We make it happen. This turnkey model signifies your own company identity, privacy and culture.

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The Farm SoHo has an incredible location, beautiful/spacious facilities with great natural lighting, and very helpful employees. Their memberships are very accommodating and reasonable for what they offer. I can’t say one bad thing and highly recommend it to anyone in need of a co-working space!

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Common Questions

Check out our comprehensive FAQ

When a company signs a lease for “direct space”, they enter into an agreement with the landlord’s company. The majority of office leases in NYC are direct leases, meaning, signed directly with the landlord of the building. However, what happens if your company outgrows the office space and needs to move? You guessed it! – you sublease the space to another tenant. Before signing a direct lease, make sure the landlord is granting you the right to sublet. Most do, as it’s a fairly standard lease provision. Unlike a lease for direct space, the two parties who sign the sublease agreement are the existing tenant and the new tenant, i.e. the subtenant. Note that the landlord will most-likely have to give consent and approval for the new subtenant, prior to the execution of a sublease agreement. Another caveat is the landlord could have the right to recapture the office space and lease it to a tenant of their choosing, usually at a higher price.

In commercial office leasing in Manhattan, the real estate commission is almost always paid by the landlord. The commission details are predetermined by a listing agreement between the landlord and their broker, based on the broker’s rates. However, there is often another real estate broker involved, a tenant representative. If a tenant representative brings a prospective tenant to the landlord’s space and a lease is ultimately signed, then a portion of the landlord’s broker’s commission is split with the tenant representative. In layman’s terms, if you are a company in search of office space in Manhattan you most-likely will not pay the real estate fee, the landlord will.

However, in the case of office sublets, the commission is not paid by the landlord. In most cases the current tenant who wishes to sublease their space – known as the ‘sub-landlord’ – pays the real estate fee to the broker with whom they enter into a listing agreement. As before, if a tenant representative brings a ‘sub-tenant’ to the ‘sub-landlord’s’ space and a lease is ultimately signed, then a portion of the sub-landlord’s broker’s commission is paid to the broker representing the sub-tenant …confused yet?

Escalations are annual rent increases added to the base rent to keep pace with inflation. The escalation is negotiated with the landlord, but is typically around 3% per year. Fixed annual rental rates are rare, and typically only occur in short-term leases. Note that escalations are compounded every year, regardless of any additional bumps in rent price.

There are 3 common ways a company can be charged for electrical usage in NYC, which way yours will be charged will depend on the specific building. Arguably the most cost effective is “direct electric”. Like your home, this means that you have your own electric meter and ConEdison mails you a bill.

The second way is referred to a “sub-metered” electric, which often means two different things. Say there are 4 similar-sized companies occupying 1 floor of a building and there is 1 electric meter for the entire floor. Each tenant would be responsible for 25% of the total electric bill. The landlord often will adjust the percentage depending on your company’s electric usage. The second, and better, scenario is that you could have an individual meter for your office space which feeds to a master meter in the building. The landlord usually charges an administrative fee to cover costs associated with billing and collection for sub-metered electric.

The third common way electric is charged in NYC is per square foot. For average office users the cost will be between $3 and $3.50 per square foot. To calculate the monthly bill multiply your “rentable” square footage by the cost and divide by 12

Unlike residential leases, there are no statutory protections for tenants if they wish to sublease or assign their lease to someone else. As a result, it’s very important for commercial tenants to negotiate specific rights to sublease the space or to assign the lease to someone else.
This will be very important if the lease no longer makes financial sense, their business declines in revenue, or if a merger or acquisition is contemplated.

Note: New York Real Property Law §226-b says that residential tenants shall be released from a lease if the landlord withholds reasonable consent to assignment. The law also says that a landlord cannot unreasonably withhold consent to a residential tenant’s sublet request. The law overrides a residential lease’s terms but there are exceptions for public housing, non-profits, rent controlled units, etc.

On the other hand, landlords will want to limit a commercial tenant’s ability to sublet or assign the lease primarily because the landlord does not want the tenant to be competing on term, especially if the landlord has other units being marketed for rent.
A landlord may require a tenant to use the landlord’s managing agent as a broker in any transaction. A landlord may also ask for additional security deposit or a fixed rent increase if there is an assignment.

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