Looking for Good Places to Study? Here Are 5 Ideas To Help Boost Your Productivity

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With their hectic schedules and challenging academic workloads, college students are constantly on the go. As such, many of them are almost always on the lookout for great places to study. They want to find locations where they can get work done with minimal distractions. 

This, of course, is perfectly understandable. According to research, learning environments “play a crucial role in student success.” Besides, good study areas can contribute to a student’s motivation, engagement, and “overall learning ability.”

So for the college students out there, listen up! 

Here are several ideas you can consider the next time you want to study and enjoy a change of scenery at the same time:

1. Restaurant cafes

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Need to catch up on your lessons during lunch break? You might want to check out restaurant cafes near your school for that. The good news here, of course, is that a lot of restaurants now have Wi-Fi so accessing the internet should not be a problem. Feel free to ask their staff for the password.

Best of all, you can grab a hearty meal while there. You won’t have to attend your next class on an empty stomach! One more thing to note: cafes near universities often offer budget-friendly options because students are mainly their target market. You can go by yourself or with your group. Just be sure to bring enough money so you can order food during your stay. 

2. Coffee shops

Looking for Good Places to Study? Here Are 5 Ideas To Help Boost Your Productivity blog img

With free Wi-Fi, relaxing ambiance, cozy furniture, and proximity to quality coffee, coffee shops are obviously among the most popular places to study for college students. 

Compared with restaurants, coffee shops tend to be less noisy which makes them more conducive for doing homework or reviewing for an exam. Furthermore, students get to focus better when they’re energized by their favorite beverages during study sessions.  

Along with that, coffee shops provide a unique “social facilitation effect,” said Sunkee Lee, Carnegie Mellon University assistant professor of organizational theory and strategy. “You go there, you see other people working and it puts you in a mood where you just naturally start working as well,” Lee pointed out. “Just observing them can motivate you to work harder.”

3. Campus or public libraries

Looking for Good Places to Study? Here Are 5 Ideas To Help Boost Your Productivity blog img

If you’re the type who’s most productive when it’s really quiet, libraries are perfect for you. Local public libraries and campus libraries are wonderful because silence is maintained and distractions are limited because most visitors are busy reading. Additionally, they also usually have computers available for research and study purposes.

Most of all, you get access to countless books and documents that may not be available on the internet. That can be a big advantage, especially if you’re doing some research. Want to borrow books to study or maybe a few titles you’ve been meaning to read? That’s always possible and is clearly another benefit of using the library.  

On top of that, it is worth noting that research indicates students who frequent the library “tend to have higher GPAs than those who don’t.”

4. Local parks

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Thinking of studying outdoors instead? If the weather is actually pleasant, hitting the nearby park may do the trick for you. This could be a good option if you only need to study for a short period of time and going to a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a library may seem impractical. All you need to do is to find a good spot where you can comfortably sit and study. Don’t forget to bring snacks and something to drink, too, so you have something to sustain you.

Depending on your community, your public park may or may not offer a free Wi-Fi connection and electric outlet. So plan ahead if you’re taking this route, especially if you’re bringing your laptop and need to do some online research.

5. Coworking spaces

Looking for Good Places to Study? Here Are 5 Ideas To Help Boost Your Productivity blog img

Although coworking spaces are mostly known for accommodating entrepreneurs, freelancers, and tech innovators, students are also welcome in these facilities.

What makes coworking spaces perfect places to study is that they’re specifically designed for focused work. They also have office amenities such as printers, scanners, and phone booth access, among other amenities. Moreover, most coworking offices are open 24/7 so they’re suitable even for late-night studies. Of course, the free unlimited coffee is another treat that makes this better than a coffee shop.  

Students likewise get a chance to network with professionals in the industry they’re interested in. What’s more, coworking spaces usually hold events where members get to interact and make meaningful connections with each other.  

If you’re in New York City, feel free to contact us here at The Farm SoHo and we’ll gladly give you a full tour of our facilities. Our packages are flexible and affordable so you and your group can be assured you’ll find something that fits your budget. In fact, you can book our coworking space for a day or a week, depending on your needs. You may even bring your pet since our locations are animal friendly.


These are just some of the choices available to you if you want to find good places to study. Of course, you can always go with a classmate’s home, empty classrooms on your campus, bookstores with study areas, or even museum cafes. The main point is that you pick a location where you can focus and study productively, whether you’re alone or with your friends. 

Best of luck with your schooling and we hope this article helped you weigh all your available choices. 

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