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Where Quality of Service Meets Affordability.

Offering a 100% online subscription, The Farm’s Virtual Mailbox is the simplest way to manage your physical mail from anywhere in the World. Shred, scan, or Forward your mail, all with the click of a button. And it only takes a few minutes to sign up! 

What is a Virtual Mailbox? 

Well, your email is a virtual mailbox. It manages your electronic messages. This service acts the exact same way, only with your physical mail. Sign up with The Farm, and we will give you a physical business address in New York City where our team receives all of your important documents, letters, packages, and, yes, even junk mail, but we filter that out for you. Then, we take a picture of each item and upload it to your Virtual Mailbox app. From there, you scroll through your mail, just like in your email, and decide whether you’d like us to open the document and scan it for you, forward it anywhere in the world, save it for pickup, or shred it. 

The Farm offers four different Virtual Mailbox plans to suit your company's needs and physical mail volume. 

Why Should I Choose The Farm?

Although every customer’s story is different, we did our best to define four levels of membership based on the size, needs, and mail volume of actual companies that use our service. 

  • Address Only: ​​An entry-level plan suitable for small companies with little correspondence but want to use our address in New York City as their official business address. 
  • Mailbox Simple: Perfect for small companies needing a reliable address to receive and process their regular mail and deliveries. 
  • Mailbox Plus: Great for companies with a higher volume prioritising scans of usually time-sensitive incoming mail, notably Fortune 500 companies. 

Knowing how much mail your business will get monthly is challenging, especially for new companies. That’s why The Farm makes it quick and easy to switch between our plans if the one you’ve selected isn’t perfect for your growing business. 

Additional Benefits of Membership at The Farm

The Farm is a strong community of forward thinkers exploring new approaches to business solutions. At The Farm, you’ll find freelancers, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies in our co-working spaces, conference rooms, and private enterprise offices. The Virtual Mailbox is one of our most popular services, and when you sign up with The Farm, you get the benefits of being The Farm member!

Final Thoughts

From a reliable business address in New York City to an unlimited virtual provider for your physical mail, The Farm has a variety of Virtual Mailbox plans to suit the needs of companies of every size. The Farm has three other plan levels perfect for businesses of varying sizes. And, with membership at The Farm, you’ll unlock many other perks from a trusted company that has operated in New York City for over a decade. 

To get started fill out the subscription form on our website and you will have your virtual mailbox account in seconds!

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