6 Reasons Why Rooftop Weddings Are So Amazing

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Tying the knot soon and want to find a unique yet cost-effective venue? You might want to try looking up rooftop locations for rent in your area! They’re scenic, private, and full of possibilities - which makes them the perfect choice for intimate gatherings. In case you’re seriously curious, here are some of the many benefits of having a rooftop wedding:

1. Fantastic skyline view

First and foremost, let’s state the obvious: a rooftop wedding gives you a great view of the city. The sky serves as the gorgeous backdrop of your ceremony. No venue can compete with the unparalleled beauty of breathtaking scenery, right? It’s really romantic and classy. Plus you won’t have to worry about spending a lot on the decor if you’re holding your ceremony on a rooftop.  

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For these reasons and more, the rooftop makes a great choice as a wedding venue. You can bet that your big day will be memorable not only for you and your spouse but also for all of your guests.

2. Beautiful wedding photos

Another clear advantage of a rooftop wedding is that you'll get unique snaps for a beautiful wedding album of photos. Natural lighting during the daytime can definitely enhance your pictures. On the other hand, the stars and city lights can provide great backgrounds at night. The highlights of your special day will be captured in great detail. Your photographer will surely enjoy taking photos, either way.

3. Intimate gathering

A rooftop can be an ideal location if you’re planning for an intimate occasion. With the limited space offered by the rooftop, you will have to narrow your guest list down to the people that matter most - your family members and closest friends.

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That said, you can expect to be surrounded by your loved ones to witness your special moment in a truly loving atmosphere. A smaller affair likewise means you can have quality chats with everyone as you go around the venue. Moving from table to table will be pretty easy.

4. Budget-friendly space

Since you will be hosting the ceremony and reception in the same place, you get to save on your potential expenses when you book a rooftop. This presents a great solution for couples on a tight budget, hoping to have a special celebration without breaking the bank. 

5. Fun parties

As long as the weather is fine, you can count on having a fun sunset celebration - or maybe even a party under the stars? A rooftop setting can really give character to your special occasion and make it even more memorable. Simply said, you’re taking fun to a higher level - literally and figuratively! 

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6. Privacy

Last but not the least, you get to enjoy enhanced levels of privacy when hosting a wedding on a rooftop. Compared with other open areas such as, say, a public park, the rooftop keeps your gathering completely private. You can avoid large crowds and different types of noise that inevitably happen when you’re sharing the space with others.

Final thoughts

If you’re in New York City and are currently searching for the perfect rooftop location, allow us to point you in the right direction: our own spectacular rooftop venue situated in the heart of romantic and vibrant Nolita!

Located at 188 Grand Street between Mulberry and Mott Streets in Manhattan, The Farm SoHo East’s Rooftop has gained quite a reputation as a fantastic events space. We’ve hosted everything from product launches and yoga classes, to birthday parties and baby showers, to networking events and - you guessed it - wonderful weddings. 

We're more than a coworking space provider. We know how to help make your special moments even more special. So if you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email via [email protected] or give us a call on (917) 475-0274.

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