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Craft breweries have revolutionized the beer industry in a similar way that coworking is now revolutionizing the traditional office space. Rockaway Brewing Company in Long Island City, Gun Hill Brewing in The Bronx and Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside are the three best options in NYC among many other outstanding local breweries.  Around the nation, we have gone from drinking a handful of mainstream conglomerates that all taste like tap water with a slight hint of beer to extraordinary craft breweries everywhere, some within a quick Uber ride from your home. Almost every brewery has at least a half dozen beers with flavor combinations that will make you want to try another one of their amazing libations.  Coworking spaces combine the best aspect of getting work done and enjoying a work/life balance. Having a Friday happy hour is something that many coworking spaces have adopted. Some are going through the motions and the beer isn't great while other really make sure the coworkers at their space have a nice experience to relax and enjoy a unique and amazing beer after another hard work week. Here are the coworking spaces that really take the time to give the people what we want, beer, not any beer, extraordinary craft beer. 


Melbourne, Australia A craft brewery in Thornbury, that’s been knocking out quality craft beer since 2003. One of the pioneers of the Australian craft beer revolution some like to say. Cobrew is a concept that encompasses their brewing philosophy as a whole. They consider the word brew to be more of a metaphor for creation rather than just the process of making beer. It is this that has driven them to want to build a local co-working spacecraft where people from all creative disciplines have the tools, facility and minds to nurture and brew concepts and ideas about their own craft. Cobrew is building a local community for anyone that feels that the future is about sharing, collaborating and creating. A space to work differently.

Braxton Brewing 

Covington, Kentucky An environment for innovation. Braxton is excited to invite the entrepreneurship, technology, and remote workforce communities into the taproom to leverage its unique resources to help build the future. “We started Braxton in our garage like many amazing companies, and from the beginning, we built our taproom to mimic the new garage,” said Jake Rouse, Co-Founder & CEO. “It’s a place that can serve a dual purpose, and we’re beyond excited to see what happens next.” With an open floor plan, ample table space, whiteboards, a projector, and the fastest brewery internet in the country, Braxton was truly built for business. “Since Day 1, Braxton Brewing Company has been about celebrating and supporting entrepreneurs.  Opening up their doors as a co-working space for entrepreneurs is a natural extension of that mission,” said Dave Knox, Chief Marketing Officer of Rockfish Interactive and The Brandery Co-Founder. “Braxton will be a truly unique and welcome addition to the co-working community of the region as well because of the flexibility it offers.”


Baltimore, Maryland Spark is a catalyst for advancing entrepreneurship and technical innovation through their creative space, network and community members. They aim to provide entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators with the community and space, allowing them to ignite ideas that transform into successful companies and organizations. Best of all they have a rotating selection of local craft beers on tap. 


Fort Collins, Colorado Fort Collins was recently ranked as the #2 Most Entrepreneurial city in America by Old Town Fort Collins meets modern technology as some of the most ambitious engineers and entrepreneurs from Fort Collins collaborate in the heart of this historic city. Steps away from one of the city’s other great entrepreneurial successes - 30+ craft breweries - Galvanize Fort Collins is the hub to pursue new opportunities, find a strong support network, and level up.


Portland, Maine Cloudport in Portland, Maine, will provide the perfect workspace and networking environment to share resources, ideas and enable small businesses and creative alike to thrive. A Cloudport membership can be as flexible as you, your business and your wallet are. Located in the heart of Portland and a short walk to the world-famous Portland Waterfront, Cloudport is a state-of-the-art, warm and collaboration-promoting facility. As a Cloudport member, you will enjoy a long list of benefits created just for you. Different membership levels will fit every need and budget including 2 complimentary and a rotation of craft beers on tap at all times.  Cloudport is an innovative workspace environment, that brings the community together by encouraging the collaboration of members.


Cambridge, Massachusetts Pintley, a company that provides free tastings, events, and recommendations for beer aficionados, is a Workbar Cambridge member. This summer, they’re offering a beer passport for $35. You can get a free craft beer or cider with the passport at over 20 locations in the Greater Boston area now through the end of August.

Platform Coworking 

Chicago, Illinois Whit Nelson of Brew Camp is a coworker at Platform in Ravenswood. Brew Camp hosts private events, conducts classes, corporate education and more. “We’re going to be building out a full event space, so we can hold private parties, birthdays, and other events,” says Nelson. “Plans are in the works to renovate the private event space so people can come brew their own beer, wine, cider or soda.” Writers, programmers, salespeople, designers, engineers, consultants and more all enjoy the atmosphere at Platform Coworking in Ravenswood and the connection to Brew Camp that comes with it. 


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