Coworking Member Feature: Nicolas Audouin of Trois Prime

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We here at The Farm SoHo simply value our customers. On top of providing them with the cheapest coworking space in NYC and private office rental in NYC, we also love featuring them here on our blog. Case in point, we've been interviewing some of our coworking members to know more about them and what they do. And it's been a blast so far! We're definitely enjoying having in-depth discussions with creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals from different industries.

For this week’s coworking member feature, we had a short chat with Nicolas Audouin. A Farm SoHo customer for over a couple of years now, Nicolas is the USA and CA Director of digital tech company Trois Prime. We couldn’t help but feel fascinated as we learned about this amazing agency that promotes medical education through the use of VR, AR, 3D, and 360 video technologies.

Sounds interesting, right?

Read on to know more about Nicolas and Trois Prime: 

Q1. Tell us all about Trois Prime. What is your line of business and target market?

We work within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. We create interactive programs, campaigns, apps, and videos for the marketing and medical teams. The aim is to increase the knowledge of healthcare professionals and patients on pathology and medical science. We also create patient support material to help them live with their condition.

Q2. How did you come up with the idea for your business?

This is originally a French company and I have only created the 2 affiliates in North America (Montreal, Canada & New York, USA)

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Q3: What is your professional background and what eventually led you to Trois Prime?

At Trois Prime we all have a medical background. This is essential when it comes to understanding new studies, therapeutic pathways, mechanisms of diseases… We also all have experience of working in Pharma/biotech companies before. We wanted to express our creativity through a variety of projects and therapeutic areas, as well as encouraging innovation in pharmaceutical marketing and medical education on a wider scale.

We decided to "geek-in" and join Trois Prime.

Q4. Tell us about Trois Prime's goals as a company.

We are fairly new in the US market. So our goal is to promote our unique savoir-faire and ultimately make a difference for patients.

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Q5. What apps or tools do you use the most in your business or profession?

Gmail suite, Office, Hubspot, Monday, Taiga, and Adobe suite.

Q6. Now tell us: What do you love to do during your free time?

I am kind of new in New York so I’m still exploring the city. Apart from that, I’m really into the outdoors so I’m out of the town every time I can to hike, mountain bike, ski, and surf.

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Q7. What’s the most meaningful advice you’ve ever received in life?

I think that the last year and a half taught us a lot. Being an expat launching a new business in that environment is hard. You need to create a personal life as well as a professional life. Everything is new and everything is changing constantly. It won’t always look how you imagined because life is rarely predictable.

All you have to do is keep going. No matter what.

Q8. When and why did you sign up as a coworking member at The Farm SoHo?

I decided to join The Farm 2 years ago. I needed flexibility in the offer, a good location, and an environment that makes you want to go to work. 

Watch this video to learn more about Trois Prime and how they are "shaping the digital future of healthcare." Click and play below:

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Thank you so much for your time, energy, and passion, Nicolas! We appreciate you for being a loyal, long-time Farm SoHo coworking member. For additional information about Trois Prime, you can visit their official website and check out their YouTube channel.

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