Is Coworking In NYC The Perfect Solution For Freelancers?

The Benefits Of Coworking In NYC For Your Business

Businesses that want to set up an office in NYC are faced with several challenges. A common challenge is the high cost of offices in nearby neighborhoods. In some areas, getting an office space is a big issue. Fortunately, you can still work in NYC without crushing overhead expenses thanks to shared office spaces. Here are some benefits that you stand to get from coworking in NYC.

Easy transition

Setting up a private office in NYC is reserved for companies with deep pockets because of skyrocketing commercial rent prices. There is also the costs of furnishing the office to look appealing to the customers and comfortable for employees. In addition, you have to subscribe to postal services, phone services, internet services, electricity, water and so much more. With a coworking space, you do not need to worry about any of the costs and hustle of paying for services. You just pay a fixed rate according to your business needs. 

Expand your personal and business networks with ease and fun

Coworking spaces give you the ability to meet new faces in a warm, easy environment and expand your personal and business networks. It's not surprising to find complementary businesses where you combine efforts in looking for opportunities. In your personal life, you gain lots of friends.

Decrease that feeling of isolation

Coworking In NYC

Most freelancers and small business owners struggle with the feeling of isolation, especially when working from home. This creates boredom and lowers motivation. Coworking spaces enable them to continue working while interacting with others in an office like environment. 

Increased sense of community and trust  

Coworking centers are popular among innovative millennials. With time, business owners along with their employees create relationships and form bonds with others sharing the office. This also goes a long way in creating a feeling of social responsibility and taking care of others. 

Create opportunities for collaboration on projects that are too large for your business

It's usually easy to find a similar or complementary business at your coworking space. If you've landed a very large customer or you're working on innovative strategies, you can bring others on board to work on the project. It's a lot easier when you're all in one place. You can easily communicate with each other on the progress of projects as well as adjusting some elements that may not be within specific goals. A much easier process than two companies that try to create a business partnership across town from each other.  

Enjoy a professional office for your clients

One of the main problems that are faced by work at home business owners is the lack of a proper place to meet their customers. Many people do not like taking strangers to their homes for obvious reasons not to mention any of the other unprofessional types of things that can pop up at home. This usually results in meeting customers in coffee shops or small restaurants. This lowers your credibility in the eyes of clients that your business might not be trusted to give solutions. However, a coworking space has high-quality furnishing and private meeting areas, that will impress new clients that are considering purchasing your solution.

Absorb ideas from other businesses

Coworking In NYC

There is so much that businesses can learn from each other. As a business owner, you can learn new marketing methods, leadership style, and new ways to brainstorm solutions or cut costs in your research. Most of these new ideas would normally come after paying a consultant or earning an MBA. You can get good ideas and test them at the coworking space with the guidance of your peers. Some professionals may also be kind enough to mentor you through some business areas in which you could be struggling.

Lower your office overhead

Your monthly costs of maintaining an office space are likely to pull down your business especially if the business is not past the early stages and the overhead costs are high. (Decent offices are very expensive in NYC). Coworking allows the space provider to spread the office maintenance costs among many companies and thereby drastically bring down the monthly charges for each business.

Improve productivity by working with like-minded individuals

Humans are social creatures. If you surround yourself with highly productive and innovative people, the chances are that you're likely to be much more productive and more innovative than you would be when working alone.


Unlike a private office, you can move from one area to another as you wish and join another coworking center and continue with your business. The flexibility is also great for freelancers who get tired of the same environment over and over again.

Coworking In NYC

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