The Best Things About Working in SoHo

What makes a neighborhood great for business? What sets a place apart from the rest as a viable business hub? There are lots of things that make a place great for running a business. Silicon Valley in California is great for tech companies because of its rich history of successful tech startups as well as its proximity to world class schools.

Working In SoHo

SoHo in Lower Manhattan, New York City has a lot going if you're planning to base your business in New York. New York is the financial capital of the world, and with the right strategy and work ethic, anyone can become successful here. Let’s look at some of the business conveniences you get working out of SoHo. 

Great Coffee

The best way to start your work day is getting caffeine in your system. You'll never run out of excellent coffee choices when working in SoHo. You’re next to some of the best coffee houses in New York and they make a mean cup of coffee. One that’s sure to knock you into sixth gear early in the morning. 

There are thousands of people rushing every morning to get their caffeine fix, making the lines at most coffee shops long enough to make you a few minutes late for work. Caffeine is a welcome additive to the work environment, especially when you are working long hours under pressure.

The best bet in or near SoHo is La Colombe Coffee Roasters. With eight locations in NYC, they have a special environment at their cafes you can’t find in other cities. They have the best espresso west of Italy and innovative and delicious draft lattes. 


Anyone can easily access SoHo from anywhere in NYC. All subways from the Eastside, Westside, Queens, Brooklyn, or Uptown make stops in SoHo. This makes it easy to commute every morning into SoHo, without dealing with nasty traffic. Once you get off the subway, you'll be cruising around gorgeous cobblestone streets that make SoHo a world-class business hub. The cobblestones have a magic effect of making everything seem like a scene from a Hollywood take on Wall Street. 

Also, think about your clients. They’ll have no problem traveling down to SoHo because they get to escape the midtown congestion. If you had the coolest office in Brooklyn, getting clients to come to your office space can end up being a hit and miss affair.  


What makes a neighborhood rich is the kind of people living there. SoHo is a brilliant blend of artists, who are the original founders of SoHo, commercial retailers, and the entrepreneurs of silicon alley, all brought together with a common goal of the pursuit of a living and working experience unrivaled around the world. 

Don’t be surprised to find out most of your clients are your neighbors. In fact, if you’re a commercial retailer in SoHo, you’ll probably know many clients by name. You can meet clients at any of the fantastic restaurants in SoHo, and you can buy things for your family at the best retail shops in the world.

The one retail space you can’t miss is Proper Cloth on Broadway. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the man in your life their custom dress shirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. By combining classic men's styles with cutting edge technology their shop is something that can’t be found anywhere else.  

Best dining experience in Lower Manhattan

Nothing caps a working day like a superb lunch or dinner. SoHo offers every foodie as many options as they desire. It’s only in SoHo where you can find the cronut, a cross between a croissant and a donut. You can get fresh cronuts on your way to work at a place we highly recommended - Pi Bakerie.


Here you can meet people from all over the world with new opportunities and ideas. Choose wisely and your once small and local business might find itself going international. In 10 years you might be heading your own multinational firm, all from humble beginnings in the heart of SoHo. You’ll be far from the first company to follow this path. 

Launch your business, take your morning cup of coffee with a cronut. Go out for happy hour and build your network. SoHo takes care of the rest. 

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The Farm SoHo

The Farm SoHo will wow you and your guests with its rustic charm and inviting environment. New York City's most engaged community of startup teams, developers, remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.