The Best Coworking Spaces In Cape Town

At the southern end of Africa, Cape Town is a beautiful coastal city. Anywhere you go you'll either be enjoying beautiful views of the Atlantic coast or Table Mountain. Being one of the top multicultural and expat destination in the world it's not surprising that coworking spaces are doing well. 

They are creating a home for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startup teams to get work done while also being involved in the local entrepreneurial community.

Here are the best coworking spaces in Cape Town.

#10 No80 Hout Street

Work at a loft coworking studio in the Cape Town with an assorted crew consisting of designers, coders, writers, photographers, startups, and artsy types. 

No80 Hout Street is an open-plan coworking studio space – for respectful, easy-going, creative pros.

#9 Growth Space

Growth Space provides flexible, affordable office space for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Membership at Growth Space gives you access to a professional, productive environment and all the tools you need to run a successful, modern business. 

By joining them, you avoid the expense and long-term commitment of setting up your own office space while benefiting from the many extras that are included with your membership.

#8 Cape Town Garage

Cape Town Garage offers flexible desk space to startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives. 

With extremely fast and reliable internet, great tasting coffee and an awesome vibe it's a fantastic space to work from whether you're an independent entrepreneur, a consultant needing a base or a startup with a couple of employees.

#7 Work & Co. 

Work & Co is the new way to work: an innovative, flexible and beautiful coworking space dedicated to a community of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, remote teams and freelancers.

It’s an accelerator inspiring and connecting members to help them achieve their goals. A place where you both belong and contribute. They consider their values as a form of self-governance that inspires members to align their actions around a common set of principles.

#6 Think Rise 

Designed specifically to help fintech entrepreneurs work, meet, and collaborate. Rise Cape Town offers you room to spread out, share your ideas and collaborate in a fresh and dynamic setting.

Inspired by Cape Town's dynamic art scene, they use local materials and manufacturers to create a unique environment that’s both friendly and productive.

They have meeting rooms, a 100-seat auditorium, and video conferencing facilities. You’ll also enjoy the fresh coffee and the wonderful view of Table Mountain from every desk.

#5 Spin Street House

Spin Street House is a coworking space in Cape Town for individuals and teams doing interesting, innovative and impactful work. 

As a shared workspace and clubhouse, they serve a community of professionals working in a diversity of disciplines.

With a shared mission to make our work and lives better, day by day. Tech startups, designers, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, creatives and more call Spin Street House home.

#4 Cape Town Office

Cape Town Office is a creative coworking space in The Fringe, Cape Town’s emerging innovation and a creative quarter in the East City. 

Ideal for the entrepreneur, freelancer, startup and small business who simply can’t work from home.

Cape Town Office is designed to give you a spacious, uplifting and open environment. 

Surrounded by great eateries, countless coffee shops, shops, bars, and restaurants, there is no shortage of places to meet your friends, colleagues and clients.

#3 Inner City Ideas Cartel

Offering scalable workspaces for urban entrepreneurs and business travelers who need an office or meeting space that is conducive to productivity and opportunity.

A member network, working together for a better quality of life and work, for a better result, and ultimately, a better world. 

Inner City Ideas Cartel champions workplace change, encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs to change how they think about work, how they work, and where they work.

#2 Open Cape Town 

Open is a space to work, meet, network, collaborate, refuel, re-energize and get stuff done. It offers members all they need to work comfortably and productively.

It is a shared resource, post-corporate workplace designed to accommodate creative professionals who need access to high-quality equipment, services, and facilities.

#1 The Bureaux 

The Bureaux shared work habitat offers like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses the perfect environment for creativity and productivity. 

They have 4 locations in Cape Town including City Junction, Sea Point, Woodstock & Bureaux Black.

Woodstock is perfect for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to collaborate with fellow creatives. A great selection of eateries and coffee shops are located on the ground floor, ensuring you will always be well fueled, allowing maximum productivity.

Sea Point is perfect for executives or consultants needing a professional workspace. On the lower levels of their building, you will find a variety of retailers ensuring you can do all your shopping without leaving the building.

City Junction is perfect for professionals or small businesses needing a well-located workspace. Great coffee shops, eateries and convenience stores all within a 2-minute walk from their building. Underground parking in the building and a generous amount of client parking in front of building ensure easy access for tenants and clients.

Bureaux Black is home to South Africa’s most premium serviced penthouse office space, where successful entrepreneurs choose to charter big business ventures. Located in Sea Point, offering premium private office suites and luxury office space for executives who seek an iconic work habitat perched on the coastline looking over the world’s most beautiful peninsula.

For more information please visit The Bureaux coworking space

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