Tech Tools That Make It Easier To Manage Coworking Spaces

14 tech tools

As a global trend, coworking is growing at an exponential rate. Coworking spaces serve as a second home for many successful entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads and more. Modern technology continues to improve the experience, with new software products making it easier to manage coworking spaces.

Of course, this is good news for those hoping to start their own coworking companies in the future. With the right tools at hand, managing a coworking space does not have to be complicated at all.

Here's a list of ideal tech tools ideal to use to help you effectively manage coworking spaces.

manage coworking spaces

#14 Jotform Sign

Jotform Sign allows you to create an automated approval flow by using legally binding, signable documents. You can build and share these documents from any device easily using their powerful drag-and-drop builder.

It is a great tool that saves time and money by automatically sending documents securely to assignees for them to sign. Manage your data and generate reports that update in real-time with every signed document.

#13 Essensys

Next, we have Essensys, which markets itself as "the intelligent digital backbone for commercial real estate." This workspace management software allows stakeholders to have a seamless experience.

In a flexible office environment, Essensys can make things more efficient, productive and collaborative - from driving sales inquiries to billing services. They deliver cutting-edge IT and rich business insights to building online communities. Their vision is to deliver large-scale digital transformation. Today, over 1,000 workplaces across 27 countries are powered by Essensys technology.

#12 is an online digital tool for managing, animating and selling flexible space. They offer a user-centric, open solution for those assigned to manage coworking spaces. This tool is capable of automating 100% of administrative tasks. With their white label tool, managers can focus on giving value for their customers, selling additional services, and using data to run their business.

#11 Yardi Kube

This all-in-one software platform makes managing coworking spaces simpler. In fact, it transforms the way shared spaces are sold, accessed and serviced. You can think of it as the “Uber” for the $11 billion shared space category. Just as Uber’s technology connects passengers and drivers, Yardi Kube is likewise connecting customers and coworking spaces everywhere.

Shared space providers of all shapes and sizes love Yardi Kube for its accounting, billing, and payment processing features. The tool definitely increases engagement by providing seamless access to shared spaces. Providers now have a software solution that enhances the customer experience while increasing revenue and reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Meanwhile, coworkers like Yardi Kube because of the endless amount of shared spaces and related services they can search, buy and access.

#10 Coworkify

Coworkify is designed with simplicity in mind. The company believes that simplicity is the most important aspect of software design. That makes perfect sense: Coworking space owners should be spending more of their time communicating with their members than learning how to use a software.

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Those who use Coworkify as they manage coworking spaces soon realize they do not have to spend hours sitting in front of their computers. Instead, they can spend more time talking with coworking members and growing their community.

#9 ShareDesk Optix

You can wow your community with your branded mobile app which allows them to access their favorite Optix features from anywhere. SharedDesk Optix delivers a completely stress-free experience that helps your community achieve productivity and stay connected. Keep track of your members, respond to support requests, and keep your community updated on what’s happening at your venue from one place. You may likewise see member activity and message history and nurture leads that inquire about your space.

#8 DeskTime

With DeskTime you can easily track your employee's time. On their website, the company describes their solution as:

"A time tracker and workforce management system that will help you develop a high-performing team that smashes goals every time."

#7 Nexudus

Nexudus is a white-label software that helps coworking spaces automate many of their daily tasks and processes such as accounting, booking management, access control or lead, and member management. It also has a range of features that allow users to create synergies between members plus it lets them manage accounts and professional profiles online.

#6 RightSignature

Without a doubt, RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed with an elegant, intuitive user interface. The tool replicates the pen-and-paper signing experience in any web browser. Users review documents, fill in form fields, and create electronic yet realistic signatures. Overall, you can easily "save time, cut costs, and impress your clients with secure, legally-binding e-signature software."

#5 ActiveCampaign

Assist your sales reps with automated actions based on your contacts' emails. ActiveCampaign uses intelligent behavior-based logic to nurture leads and have sales agents reach out manually when your prospect is ready. This powerful platform "gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences."

#4 MailChimp

More than 12 million people in 200 countries use MailChimp to send 1 billion emails every day. This popular service allows businesses of all sizes to optimize their email and eCommerce marketing. Some of its available features include easy-to-use email, marketing automation, and analytics tools. What's more, MailChimp integrates with hundreds of popular applications and services.

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#3 Dropbox

Dropbox simplifies the way people work together. Over 500 million registered users around the world use Dropbox to save their files via cloud storage - and to instantly share them with others for collaboration purposes. With 150,000 businesses on Dropbox Business, they’re transforming everyday workflows and entire industries. In other words, your business can surely benefit in using this service.

#2 Kisi

Kisi develops cloud technology to build secure access control systems using a combination of sensors and mobile devices to grant facility access to authorized personnel. Designed for commercial and enterprise applications, the service provides an added layer of intelligence and enhanced experience for facility access points.

Moreover, the system software streamlines access management for operations teams while generating sophisticated data visualizations. In addition, it's also capable of personnel tracking for advanced IT departments. For the end user, Kisi works in the background to detect their presence. It can likewise do timely unlocking of doors for them as they approach. Kisi is based in New York City.

#1 Cobot

manage coworking spaces

Finally, we have Cobot, a coworking space management software solution. They operate in coworking spaces in 31 countries around the world. Cobot automatically generates invoices and collects payments. The money appears in your bank account without you having to do anything. With their WiFi integration, Cobot knows who comes in and when. They can track usage and enforce time limits. Members can buy time passes online as well as book conference rooms and equipment. Cobot automatically charges them according to their usage.

Furthermore, Cobot crunches the numbers to create statistics relevant to your business. The tool specifically tracks your members, revenue, bookings and more. They report your revenue and attendance statistics allowing you to optimize your pricing, fit more people in and make more money.


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