Pet Friendly Coworking Spaces


The idea of a coworking space is wonderful. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to consider pet-friendly coworking spaces in the past. Unless a person was working from home, the general idea would have been that pets and children don’t belong in the working space, not to speak of coworking spaces with several companies or freelancers sharing an office. However, times change and awareness is not what it once was. For many people today, pets are like family. They bring love and happiness into our lives. Their welfare means a lot to us. To those of us who have pets we love, leaving them alone at home for hours on end is unthinkable. Nowadays, most people, keep small animals as pets, such as cats and small dogs. Provided your pet is reasonably well-behaved, having them in your work environment can be reassuring. It might even enhance your creativity.

Pet-Friendly Work Spaces

Pet-friendly spaces, working, coworking or otherwise, should be safe for everyone, not just the pets. The doors and windows should shut firmly, to begin with. This would ensure that there’s no danger of the pets wandering off and getting lost while their pet parent is engrossed in work. Furthermore, the area must be adequately heated and ventilated. There should be enough room for the pets and workers to move freely without getting in each other’s way. Keeping a basket or a mat handy for the pet to lie down is a good idea. A few toys to keep them engaged is nice too, not to mention a few treats that they can nibble on if they feel hungry.

Natural Flooring is Your Canine's Best Friend

Dog indoors looking up at the camera in pet friendly coworking space
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

It’s important that the floors are pet-friendly. It probably goes without saying that people-friendly floors are also pet-friendly floors. To most individuals, the floor is invisible. They look at a house and see a construction made of bricks and cement. They will note the furniture and maybe the carpets. However, you only see people noticing or commenting on a floor until they have to install one into their own house. 

Wooden floors are great for canines because they’re totally natural. Wood feels reassuring and comforting and even soothing. In other words, a well-finished wooden floor is the ultimate in natural opulence. There shouldn’t be gaps in the wooden pieces as this can lead to dirt depositing inside those cracks. Wood is a 100% natural material. It’s comfortable for the pets to walk on. Wooden floors develop character over time. Moreover, wooden flooring exudes a feeling of warmth and security, which is the comfort of a homely atmosphere.

Wood is easy to clean. It requires a standard clean on a daily basis, or perhaps several-times-weekly. It requires deep cleaning every month or two. Messes need immediate attention. So if the pet has an accident, a quick removal of the offending mess ensures no lasting damage. The odd scratch which pet nails inflict on the poor floor will only strengthen its character. I might as well say it out straight. Wooden floors are great for pet-friendly workspaces.

The Farm, A People & Pet Friendly Coworking Space

The Farm was designed to support the people who work there as well as their canines. It’s rightly said that the place is alive with the energy of the community that works in it and their furry friends. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that the beautiful flooring is contributing to the wonderful, energetic atmosphere.

A floor sourced from reclaimed hardwood material and crafted with love and skill is leaving aside harmful chemicals and harmonizing with the environment. As someone whose mission in life is to create custom-made flooring, which goes hand-in-hand with nature, I truly appreciate the atmosphere in this place.

In conclusion, The Farm is a pet-friendly coworking space and supportive of man's best friend, the fellow inhabitants of our earth. That’s exactly as it should be in a world that’s trying to get back into step with nature.

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