Startups Successful Thanks To Coworking

When you're searching for the best place to work from you want to make sure you're going to get the best possible return on your investment. Coworking not only solves an immediate problem of finding the best place to work while you get your business off the ground but it also helps you create a successful network of peers, mentors & investors. 

Coworking spaces that have weekly events are outstanding atmospheres for networking and meeting new friends. The entrepreneurial atmosphere at coworking spaces will help you build a successful business much faster than a cafe or working remotely from home.

The following businesses are recent proof. They moved into a coworking space not too long ago. The talented teams behind the startups are the reason why they're successful, but they got a little bit of help from the extraordinary coworking spaces they call home. 

Here's the list of startups successful thanks to coworking:


Linguoo is intelligent and personalized radio. Listen to the best articles from the web while walking, running or commuting. Articles you love the latest viral posts and new discoveries just for you. Hit play to stream news, articles or anything you like. Enjoy a wide selection from around the world to begin your day.

Linguoo also begins giving you recommendations based on your listening history. 

Tip Hero

TipHero began as a personal finance website showcasing money-saving tips, advice, and information generated by both the Tip Hero community and the Tip Hero editorial team.

It was named "best blog for saving money" by Kiplinger magazine. Their goal is to create the most comprehensive money saving guide.

Wired PR

Wired PR works to connect you and your message with the people who matter most to your business. As a full-service public relations agency, their mission is to create the communication strategies that build your community of champions, gain you valuable exposure and start generating the traction you want.

Think of Wired PR as your gateway to exposure – your connector. Wired PR works to connect you and your message with the people who matter most to your business.

As a full-service public relations agency, their mission is to create the communication strategies that build your community of champions, gain you valuable exposure and start generating the traction you want. Think of Wired PR as your gateway to exposure – your connector.

Heckler Design

Heckler Design, known for its renowned OneLessDesk, creates beautifully simple, commercial-grade products for design-conscious consumers and businesses. Heckler Design’s products currently include office furniture, desk accessories, iPad stands, and point-of-sale hardware.


A hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship academy that teaches young people to be next generation innovators and entrepreneurs through inspiration, experiential learning, and mentorship.

Founded by a university professor, they're a team of fun, hard-working entrepreneurs, techies, and educators who left their day jobs to create tech entrepreneurship programs for youth.

The team at VentureLab is particularly passionate about encouraging and empowering young women to enter and succeed in technical and entrepreneurial fields.

They strive to create a friendly environment where young women can innovate, create and discover their potential. They love teaching and watching as our participants discover that they can transform their dreams and ideas into reality. They truly believe entrepreneurship education can change the world and they want to reinvent education.


Virtually reality has been just around the corner for a long, long time. The driving goal of the MergeVR team is to bring this technology to the millions of people who have been waiting to experience it.

virtual reality goggles by MergeVR team at a coffee shop

Merge VR is creating a system that makes virtual reality accessible from your smartphone. Merge VR also enables other forms of immersive entertainment, such as augmented reality, 3D video, and 360/spherical video. The Merge VR Goggles allow you to experience virtual reality using the device you’ve already got in your pocket - your smartphone.

You can play games, fly into space, explore an unknown world, or watch a concert from your living room just by downloading apps. Sculpted of soft, lightweight foam that fits comfortably to the contours of every face, the goggles are durable enough to be tossed into a backpack, taken on the go, and shared among friends.

The Merge VR Goggles are compatible with iOS and Android devices from the last two years and have innovative dual inputs that allow you to interact with the virtual environment like never before. Other features include adjustable lenses, anti-fog ventilation channels, audio ports, camera access for augmented reality, and an optional top strap for added comfort.  Merge VR also provides Merge Start, a virtual reality app discovery portal where you can find a curated collection of the best immersive experiences compatible with your new Merge Goggles.

Explore apps ranging from games and 360 videos to virtual tourism to education, and more. On Merge Start, you can also read our guide to mobile VR, watch video tutorials, and access all the information you’ll need for the best virtual reality experiences possible.

Code Technology

Healthcare is defined in outcomes and cost. While there have been a number of advances and innovations in monitoring and controlling cost, relatively little has been done to track and improve outcomes.

Collecting patient-reported outcome (PRO) data is extremely challenging and expensive to do internally, Code Technology collects PRO data as a service. Collecting data entirely outside of the clinic, they provide a cost-effective solution to building a private registry and quantify the value of a practice.

At Code Technology, their vision is to enable all physicians and their organizations to quantitatively measure the outcomes of every single procedure or intervention they provide, helping the healthcare community provide the best possible care for patients.

Mech Mocha

Mech Mocha is a mobile game startup working towards disrupting the casual gaming space in India and building games for 500 million mobile gamers in India.

Loved by a community of over a million players in India, Chhota Bheem Himalayan Games became No. 1 Game in India on Google Play quickly crossing Candy Crush and Temple Run on Top Charts. With rich and colourful Indianised content the game is truly built for India.


WePlann is an e-commerce start-up company offering unique, quality travel experiences: tickets to shows, cabarets and attractions, as well as helicopter tours, small-group guided tours, and transfers for individuals (FITs) traveling to top global destinations.

Book and enjoy unique travel experiences in Spanish and in Portuguese. personalizes their markets’ buying experience through local language content, local currency pricing, and local product preferences, all supported by local customer service.

They encourage their customers to share their travel plans on social media networks to increase their products’ awareness and facilitate word-of-mouth communication among social contacts.


There are several online platforms where you can find holiday apartments, but on BeMate they can promise that your booking gives you much more than a simple stay. They have designed a comprehensive offering to ensure that you not only have a place to stay but a place that you won't want to leave.

Before you even start planning your travel, they have already started working for you: they handpick the best apartments in the best parts of the city to make sure that whatever you choose, the high quality of your accommodation is not a maybe, but is guaranteed.

They ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled, from the moment you request a booking to the time you arrive back home. Regardless of the contact method you pick, Whatsapp, email, telephone, or in person through City Mate, tell BeMate what you need to enjoy your trip to the fullest, and they'll do their best to fulfill your wish.

They offer a full range of on-demand services designed to make your stay easier, avoid inconveniences and maximise your enjoyment: transfer service to take you to your flight, food delivered to cure your "empty fridge syndrome", cleaning service to keep the apartment as clean and tidy during your stay as it was on arrival, and more.

They combine the freedom of an apartment with that extra touch of comfort that you get from a hotel. You'll even have guest status in a hotel near the apartment: just enter the hotel facilities (or call the concierge) and enjoy all its services as if you were staying in one of its rooms. All this is summed up in the basic principle that defines the BeMate difference: unique apartments with all your wishes fulfilled.


Parlevel gives vending machine operators full control of their business. With their powerful vending management system, they provide key business insight to make the best operating decisions.

Not only do they offer the most powerful solution, but also the most affordable one. Having machines connected to a management system is no longer a privilege but a new industry standard.


LiquiGlide is the first company to create permanently wet slippery surfaces. A technology platform that allows them to engineer super slippery surfaces for liquids and highly viscous materials such as gels and pastes.

LiquiGlide Inc. is the commercial entity that is taking this technology to market. In their lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, they custom develop coatings against client specifications.

Liquids are prevalent in every industry and they expect their technology to make an impact everywhere. Be it the pouring of a ketchup bottle, creating efficiency gains on a power plant condenser or preventing a medical tube from clogging, LiquiGlide coatings are a breakthrough technology for solid-liquid interfaces.

Ackman & Dickenson

They employ appropriate technology for the sake of your business. Ackman & Dickenson use tech to your advantage, building onto your current platforms and systems where appropriate. And building from scratch where that is appropriate too.

They remove subjectivity. They gather information, analyze data, adjust, and repeat. This data-driven approach helps them to create exact solutions that allow your company to increase effectiveness, profitability, and ROI.


OuiShare is a non-profit organization and global community empowering citizens, public institutions, and companies to build a society in which every person has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

They believe that an economy based on community principles such as sharing, collaboration, and openness can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces.

OuiShare has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global community spread across 25 countries in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

OuiShare is an international leader in the field of communities and the collaborative economy, made possible by a network of 100 Connectors (active members) with an extensive experience in building community, knowledge and projects around these topics.


a lady using favor

Favor is the easiest way to get anything you want in your city delivered to your door in under an hour. Whether it's lunch at the office, groceries for home or those errands you just don't have time for - your personal assistant (Runners) can deliver it in just a couple taps

At Favor, they're transforming the way people get what they need and creating a more connected community of personal assistants, merchants and customers.

In 2016 alone, Favor will onboard thousands of Favor Runners in cities across the country and bring millions of dollars to local businesses. 

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