5 More Successful Companies Started In Coworking Spaces

companies that started in coworking

What do Hootsuite, Indiegogo, Instagram, Spotify, and Uber have in common? Well, these are 5 big name companies started in coworking spaces. Unlike others that relied on traditional rented offices, they decided to tap coworking resources to launch their revolutionary business ideas. As a result, they achieved great success in their respective industries.

Needless to say, stories like these can serve as an inspiration for many startup owners. So for this blog, we’re sharing with you 5 more great companies originating from coworking spaces.

Arcweb Technologies

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First on our list is Arcweb Technologies, a tech firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The brand specifically describes itself as a product design and development company that helps clients with digital product transformation. They guarantee customers that their company will provide “a team of digital product specialists who are invested in your long-term success.”

As The official Arcweb website further tells us:

“Our mission is to reimagine the status quo by delivering thoughtful solutions to business, technical, and social challenges.”

During their early days, Arcweb used to frequent the Indy Hall. In a blog, the now-successful tech company said about the coworking space:

“Aside from having delicious free coffee, Indy Hall is the perfect place for a company to operate without having the overhead expenses such as rent on a full office space.”

charity: water

5 More Successful Companies Started In Coworking Spaces blog img

Next, we have charity: water. This New York City-based non-profit organization is aiming to “help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.”

According to charity: water, 771 million people across the world lack access to clean potable water. “The water crisis is massive,” the organization informs their site visitors. “But together, we can solve it.”

Coworking giant WeWork assists charity: water’s cause “by offering space and support.”

Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of WeWork said:

“For WeWork, the partnership not only underlines the importance of the charity: water mission, but it is a show of support for Scott [Harrison, founder of charity: water], who has gone about his business in a way that embodies what WeWork stands for: for the community, for the greater good, not just for profit.”


ezeep companies started in coworking spaces

Up next on our list of companies started in coworking spaces is ezeep.

The company founded by CEO Sascha Kellert initially operated from his mother’s home because of financial limitations. Eventually, he decided to use Berlin-based coworking space Betahaus by renting several desks there. The move proved to be a wise one as Kellert later shared that it helped him build a professional network. He even met journalists who later gave the business some much-needed media mileage.  

Fast forward to the present, that small tech startup is now known as “the future of printing.”

According to their website, ezeep helps companies “save hundreds of dollars per user every year” by simplifying the printing process.

Besides, users will not need to install any drivers. They’ll be able to access printers straight from their iOS and Android devices, along with their Mac and Windows-powered computers.

Beyond that, ezeep is an environment-friendly tech company that aims to “minimize the CO2 footprint of printing.”


timehop companies started in coworking spaces

Timehop is another successful company started in coworking spaces. The popular Facebook app is “reinventing reminiscing” with their tools. “Our goal,” their site says, “is to help people find new ways to connect with each other around the past.”

Reflecting on their days of using coworking spaces, Timehop Founder and CEO Jonathan Wegener shared how it has allowed them to reach greater heights. He likewise pointed out:

“Having an awesome home for independent workers and entrepreneurs is crucial to New York City’s goal to become a major technology hub.”


ziprecruiter companies started in coworking spaces

Last but not least, we have ZipRecruiter. The company started out using Coloft in Santa Monica, California. Although the said coworking space has since shut down operations, it helped the startup get off the ground. It didn’t take long before ZipRecruiter ended up raising $63 million. Now they’re recognized as the #1 job site in the United States as they continue to connect job hunters with big name companies.

“With a personal recruiter, you’ll get matched to roles that are right for you,” their official website greets users. Their AI personal recruiter will “send you jobs that are a great match for your skills and experience — so you never miss an opportunity.”

Job seekers can check out a wide range of positions including:

  • appointment setters
  • flight attendants
  • survey takers
  • video game testers
  • voice actors

They may also browse specific categories such as full time, part time, work from home, no experience, and more. ZipRecruiter posts jobs from Amazon, American Red Cross, Costco, Dollar Tree, FedEx, Holiday Inn Express, Target, and Walmart, among others.

Final thoughts

If you’ve got a grounbreaking business idea but can’t afford to rent expensive offices just yet, don’t let that stop you. These companies started in coworking spaces, effectively demonstrating how you can take an entirely different route and still reach success.

Similarly, you can check out coworking providers in your area to find those that can cater to your needs and budget. For example, you can look for Day Pass offers if you’re aiming to test the waters first. This package will allow you to use coworking spaces for a day. Other than that, you can also book coworking desks for a week or a month. 

As your business grows, you can later rent private office spaces and conference rooms.  

In any case, coworking companies can help put you on the starting line that leads to hitting your targets and achieving your goals. 

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