The Farm SoHo Coworking Member Q&A: Jason Kilby

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For this week’s coworking member feature, we’re turning the spotlight on Jason Kilby - one of the founders of UpYield,  an online performance marketing company that has worked with big brands such as CBS, HBO, and Starbucks, among others.

Check out our short interview with him to learn more about UpYield and its amazing co-founder: 

Tell us about UpYield and your target market.

We partner with agencies and direct advertisers who want to find new users for their app or online product. We use traffic partners and our internal media buying team to buy online traffic across search, social media, display, email, and many other channels. Our main markets are the US, Germany, UK, SEA, and LATAM. 

What is your professional background?

I have been in the online advertising market for nearly 30 years. I started in local content delivery as Editor of, then Poker Affiliate Manager at Ladbrokes, and International Sales Director with two large European Affiliate Networks. I started my own company called Aragon Advertising in 2012 and served as Co-founder & CRO for 8 years before selling the company and moving to my current role. 

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How would you describe your leadership style?

Supportive and trusting. You hire people for a reason and being a guide and support as a manager or leader has always brought the best out of my teams. Being too involved on a day-to-day micro level can often stifle creativity and results. But having your team know you have their back and can offer help when needed has always been my focus. 

Tell us about your professional goals.

My professional goals have always been deeply personal. To try and be a success and provide for my family is at the heart of my professional and personal life. Operationally, ensuring you do everything you can to advance your team is very important. Allow them to flourish and grow, but always be aware of their own life outside work and the role you play, and owe them, in their personal, and professional development.  

What apps or tools do you use the most in your business/profession?

Networking sites like LinkedIn. Messaging tools like Teams, Slack and Skype are vital in a global business. Excel to organize myself and daily written lists - old school as I am!

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What do you love to do during your free time?

Date nights with my wife, holidays, family time, and Saturday mornings hanging out with my stepson. Laughing and bingeing on great TV shows. Currently finally catching up on The Sopranos on HBO! 

What’s the most meaningful advice you’ve ever received in life?

Always take time to look up. Work and home life can be so busy, head down, at a desk and dealing with issues all the time. I try to walk a lot and look up and around me - there are some absolutely beautiful things you miss when you don’t.

When and why did you opt for a coworking space at The Farm SoHo?

I was looking for a place to work from after I sold my old company and after touring most of the places in Manhattan, it easily stood out from the rest. The people who run it are friendly and helpful. The space is great and the location is perfect for me. I think I've been here for nearly 2 years now, Covid lockdown aside. 

Has your work-life balance improved since you started using coworking spaces? How so?

The real impact was after the worst of the Covid pandemic. Working from home in a New York apartment, with my wife and 17-year old stepson was too much for anyone to call ideal. When I returned to TheFarm in October 2020, it had a hugely positive impact on everything - professionally and personally. The way the pandemic was handled within the space has always been very calming and reassuring, which has been extremely beneficial. 

Thank you so much for having this quick chat with us, Jason, and for being a loyal Farm client! For those interested to learn more, you can find Jason Kilby on LinkedIn plus you may also visit the official UpYield website.

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