Updates to the NYC Vaccine Mandate: What It Means for Businesses

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams said in a recent interview that he ‘can’t wait’ to lift NYC's vaccine mandate - a mandate that has garnered much controversy since its inception last August by then city Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

New Yorkers can finally take a break from showing their proof of vaccination and wearing face masks when they enter indoor venues and schools starting March 7… but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be permanent. 

Nevertheless, there are still limitations to the updated mandate:

  • People will still wear masks in all public transportation and health settings regardless of vaccination status
  • Children unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (under the age of 5) must continue to wear masks
  • All employees (public and private) should be fully vaccinated

What does this mean for businesses?

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Simply put, the NYC vaccine mandate requires say, an employee a restaurant, to be fully vaccinated to work while their customers don’t have to. 

While the government has given private sector operators the authority to continue requiring their customers to wear masks, this does at least signify a positive shift for the economy. 

You will see more people allowed to at least do the following:

  • Freely watch sporting events
  • Dine at their favorite restaurants, or
  • Enjoy a night out with their friends without having to be stopped at the entrance
  • No longer wonder what other people’s faces look like. 

However, this now poses a difficult decision for every employer:

Should you risk having your employees return to the office? Are there benefits to having them continue working from home? 

The best answer would be to experiment with a hybrid setup. If there’s one thing we learned during this health crisis, it’s that nothing is permanent. We should all be cautious even if there are already more than 86% of adults fully vaccinated in the state. 

Instilling a hybrid setup for your business can help avoid the risk of making any hasty, long-term decisions. You can start your hybrid setup by renting a private office in NYC or dedicated desks in coworking spaces with 24/7 access for your employees. 

This is a much safer and cheaper alternative as private offices in commercial buildings often require a long-term commitment upfront. What’s more, the best coworking spaces will allow you to customize office spaces and enjoy perks and discounts from different merchants. 

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