Why Digital Nomads Use A Virtual Mailbox For A Permanent Address

virtual mailbox for a permanent address

Is it possible to use a virtual mailbox for a permanent address? You bet it is!

Just ask regular users of the service such as the freelancers, the startup entrepreneurs, and, of course, the digital nomads.

Digital nomads as virtual mailbox users

virtual mailbox for a permanent address
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In particular, digital nomads benefit a lot from using virtual mailboxes. For a start, these remote professionals are perpetual travelers. They seldom stay in a single location for any great length of time. They’re constantly exploring and are bouncing from one country to another in a matter of a few weeks or months.

As such, a virtual mailbox subscription has become one of their most basic needs.

Mail management can be a real nightmare without it. Just imagine the difficulty of tracking different letters and packages if you’re always on the go. In many ways, virtual mailboxes are the perfect solution for those who embrace the nomadic lifestyle and live out of their suitcases. These people have achieved location independence and so they continue to travel wherever they please without worrying about their mail.

Wait, so what exactly IS a virtual mailbox?

Before we enumerate the possible perks, let us define what a virtual mailbox is.

A virtual mailbox, according to Wikipedia, is “a service that receives physical mail on behalf of the addressee.”

It is NOT a PO Box, which is a physical box people rent at their local postal offices. Additionally, a PO Box only receives a limited number of mail and some couriers are unable to deliver to it.

In comparison, a virtual mailbox service is capable of receiving a lot more mail and packages. Plus, they accept deliveries from a range of different shipping companies.

How does a virtual mailbox actually work?

virtual mailbox for a permanent address
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First off, the virtual mailbox provider informs the client in real-time through an app as new mail and packages arrive.

Typically, envelopes are scanned while the boxes are photographed. Depending on the customer’s instructions, letters may be opened, scanned, and then digitally forwarded to the recipient. The user may request shredding for junk mail or unnecessary letters.

In some cases, the client may even ask the provider to send specific mail and parcels to their location at the time. That way, they can receive important ones without any hassle.

Simply put, a virtual mailbox can make a digital nomad’s life much easier

Yes, a virtual mailbox service can be the most convenient way for a digital nomad to stay on top of their mail.

Using a virtual mailbox for a permanent address can be really effective. A nomad can spend a month or two around Asia then go to Europe next, and their mail still follows them! They won’t have to bother family members or friends to receive packages on their behalf.

For an affordable fee, providers do all the work, ensuring that each client is satisfied with their service.

A virtual mailbox likewise helps avoid the double trouble of stolen mail and identity theft

Losing a letter or a package through theft can be a terrible experience. Not only does the thief take your mail or parcel away, they also get hold of your personal information. That may include your full name, home address, contact details and even banking information.

Unfortunately, this problem happens more often than most of us would expect.

In fact, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute researchers told CNBC in 2020 that about 1.7 million packages are “stolen or lost every day in the U.S.”

Using a virtual address helps avoid that problem. Since many providers also run 24/7 coworking spaces, you can be sure a receptionist is always around to receive your mail and parcels. They will store everything for you and will wait for your instructions. Just update them online so they can take appropriate action.

It’s definitely like having a permanent street address that you can rely on all the time. That said, you won’t miss any important letters or legal documents anymore. Plus you can protect your privacy better by not publicizing your home address.

Final thoughts: Let’s face it - snail mail isn’t going away anytime soon!

virtual mailbox for a permanent address
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Despite the widespread use of emails, social media, and instant messaging today, we can all bet on one thing:

Snail mail is NOT going anywhere. It’s certainly here to stay.

Legal notices, documents, and letters will continue to arrive via the postal system.

Moreover, physical shops and online sellers will still ship out their products through couriers as they accommodate orders from customers.

So as a solution, utilizing a virtual mailbox for a permanent address makes perfect sense for digital nomads. You get a consistent address without staying in one place. Your mails and parcels will be forwarded to you, wherever you may be in the world. As such, you can stay connected with loved ones, still do your online shopping, and get your legal documents in time. Filing and storage of important mails will also be much easier as you save digitized versions.

Best of all, you can monitor everything straight from an app on your mobile device. You get the best of both worlds!

For those planning to pursue their nomadic dreams, go read our article entitled ‘Top 30 Digital Nomad Essentials To Bring Before You Travel’.

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