The Anatomy of A Great Coworking Space Design

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Coworking has become increasingly popular in the wake of the pandemic. The local resources offered are useful for freelancers, independent contractors, and remote workers alike. But it’s no longer just about the facilities - the coworking space design is also a significant factor for users.

By creating a productive environment, a good coworking space helps people avoid distraction. Moreover, it offers a way to escape the social isolation of working from home. 

But what constitutes the ideal coworking space design?

This innovative solution is not an easy feat.  Multiple considerations work together to create a functional, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing coworking space. 

Imagine a diverse group of people all doing different jobs in the same location, needing privacy but also craving collaboration. They don’t want to be too distracted, but simultaneously need adequate visual stimulation.

If you’re curious about what makes these places effective, here’s the anatomy of a great coworking space design:


1. A Harmony Between “I” and “We”

One of the things that makes coworking spaces popular among professionals is the chance to work privately. On the other hand, communal areas allow strangers to connect with their fellow remote workers and make new friends.

Structurally speaking, it refers to clearly defined areas for the individual and the coworking community. It can be possible through different approaches.

Some spaces offer individual cubicles to give workers their own space to focus on their tasks, meanwhile, others offer an open-plan layout that encourages a more collaborative work ethic.

One part is filled with individual working spaces, while the other is usually an open, relaxed space for everyone to hang out. Furthermore, a perfectly designed coworking space should have high ceilings, comfy seats, and bright color choices make them more inviting areas. They are also often connected to other amenities such as dining and recreation.

2. Access to Office Amenities

Another major consideration for a great coworking space design is its access to certain essential amenities. This includes fast, reliable Wi-Fi and areas for printing, fax, and photocopying. 

Usually, these amenities are placed at strategic locations. They should be easily accessible for all coworking space members. Furthermore, they should be safe from external factors that could cause damage such as heat, moisture, or sunlight. 

The same considerations extend to other office amenities. Your server rooms must ensure the fast and secure management of user data. The same applies to the location and design of conference rooms. 

3. Snacks and Drinks

Although it sounds like a given, not all coworking spaces offer food and drinks. It’s essential to recognize coworking as a professional and social alternative to traditional office spaces. As such, food and beverages in-house serve several physiological and social purposes.

Offering on-site foods translate to sustenance first and convenience second. Workers having to stay for an entire eight-hour shift will need to eat and drink. Doing so helps them maintain focus and energy throughout the day (or night). It’s also important to offer these items on-site. Doing so saves time and energy for workers instead of them having to leave the premises for meals.

Also, providing food and drinks helps foster new connections between coworking members. It synthesizes the relaxed, informal atmosphere usually associated with cafes. It encourages people to talk to each other, bond, and work together.

4. Use of Non-Traditional Elements

Traditional offices are often built for utility, prioritizing function over form. This has led to bleak and often boring locations that drain employees over time.

However, there is now a better understanding of how the workplace affects morale. This has led to better exterior and interior design options for enhanced employee experience. This is something that the best coworking spaces picked up on from the get-go.

This explains a lot of aesthetic choices that go into a great coworking space design. You can now find spaces with higher ceilings and more windows. Setting up a shared workspace, especially for younger professionals, requires a good balance between form and function. This leads to an increased focus on natural ventilation and illumination.

A Prime Example of a Great Coworking Space Design

The Anatomy of A Great Coworking Space Design

A key aspect of an effective coworking space design is defining which areas are for the individual and for everyone. 

A good example would be The Farm Soho in New York City. It offers a modern yet rustic, casual vibe with its combination of different offices and open spaces. Clients can subscribe to various programs and areas, and avail of a variety of business services.

In the middle of the concrete jungle, The Farm faithfully recreates the feel of a century-old barn. It was inspired by an actual one from Southern Missouri. The team behind this popular coworking spot carefully relocated reclaimed wood. They then rebuilt the location in the heart of Manhattan. 

More than the usual amenities, you can expect round-the-clock secure access. The Farm is also pet-friendly. It even lets you receive your packages on-site, offering virtual mailbox services.

Find the Right coworking Space for You

You deserve a welcoming workplace, whether you’re a remote worker or a prospective business owner. The considerations listed above provide a framework for designing and implementing a practical and aesthetic coworking office space.

Today’s working spaces are geared toward balancing work efficiency and employee well-being. For more inspiration, check out quality providers of coworking spaces to help you visualize the coworking space you need. Whether you want to find a coworking space for a day or a month-to-month office space in NYC, this resource should prove useful.

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