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We may actually spend more of our waking time at work than we do at home. But this doesn’t have to be interpreted as a bad thing. Especially if you live in New York City, chances are your dream neighborhood is beyond your budget. Your home may not be located in the best part of the city - but that doesn’t mean your job can’t be!

Since you’ll be spending so much time at work, why not get a job in a neighborhood you love? Even one you might not be able to afford to live in!

In this short article, we’ll take a look at how you can apply this principle and find a job in SoHo, NYC. But the ideas in this article can also be applied to other neighborhoods in almost any city across the US.

How do you benefit when you find a job in SoHo, NYC?

The overall cost of living in SoHo, New York is nearly five times higher than the national average. On the other hand, this means that the salaries, too, are much higher than the national average.

SoHo has earned a reputation for being one of the hippest neighborhoods in New York City. That's thanks to the many art galleries, boutique clothing shops, and popular music venues there. Regardless of what sector you're in, when you get a job in SoHo, NYC, you're sure to be surrounded by creative trendsetters.  

Having a job in SoHo, NYC also means that you will have to take lunch breaks in SoHo. It's famous for its many world-class restaurants – not to mention that the neighborhood is beautiful and safe.

Target companies instead of open positions

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When you’re focusing your job search on such a relatively small geographic space (and one as sought-after as SoHo, NYC), job openings don’t pop up as frequently as you may like. In order to increase your chances of finding a job in SoHo, NYC, consider targeting specific companies. Contact HR and let them know about the various skills you possess and the value you could add, even before a position becomes available.

Many start-ups and successful tech companies are headquartered in SoHo, NYC. In fact, there are so many tech start-ups in SoHo that the neighborhood has gained the nickname Silicon Alley.

Some of the popular start-ups that have their home in SoHo, NYC include:

  • Contently
  • Foursquare
  • Warby Parker
  • Percolate
  • Group Nine Media

SoHo is attractive to businesses because of its prime Manhattan location, its proximity to New York’s financial district, its many world-class hotels and restaurants, and simply because it's a lovely neighborhood to be in. When you find a job in SoHo, NYC, you’ll be at the heart of the action!

Set AI-Powered Alerts to find a job in SoHo

When searching for a job in today’s labor market, there are many tools and platforms designed to help you. Take advantage of the latest technological advancements. Let professionals give you a helping hand, but don’t stop there. Let artificial intelligence help you, too. Popular online job portals such as Lensa.com use a combination of artificial intelligence and dedicated professionals to help steer job seekers on the right path.

While you may not immediately find a dream job in SoHo, NYC, it’s a good idea to set alerts so that you can be notified when openings come up with the companies and/or locations you are targeting. 

Timing is important, so don’t leave it up to chance. Set AI-powered alerts with online job portals so that you can be sure not to miss any opportunity when it comes up.

Create Your Own Job - Consider a Coworking Space in SoHo, NYC

Thanks to the relatively recent trend in coworking spaces, you don’t need to get a job in SoHo, NYC to have a job in SoHo, NYC. You can simply create one for yourself. If you are currently a freelancer (or are considering becoming a freelancer) whether as a graphic designer, content creator, writer, translator, virtual assistant or other, working remotely doesn’t need to mean working isolated.

Integrating a coworking space can be an excellent way to avoid some of the major pitfalls of remote or freelance work:

  • Feelings of isolation
  • Burnout
  • Loss of motivation
  • Difficulty networking

The benefits of a coworking space are all the more increased when the coworking space is located in a vibrant, hip neighborhood such as SoHo, NYC.

The neighborhood the coworking space is located in shouldn’t be the only criteria you consider. Since you have options, there are other factors to consider when choosing a coworking space in NYC

Final thoughts

New York City is known for its vibrant, creative environment. However, not all neighborhoods in New York City are created equal. SoHo has one of the best reputations, thanks in part to the many art galleries, world-class restaurants, nightlife spots, and tech start-ups that call SoHo home. 

While living in SoHo might be beyond your budget, working there doesn’t have to be. Don’t wait for your dream job to fall into your lap. Target companies already operating in SoHo, NYC, set up alert notifications with AI-powered job portals, and consider integrating a coworking space in SoHo. 

Wishing you the best of luck with finding a job in SoHo, NYC!

Featured Image: Image by ludeabreu from Pixabay

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