Why Gen Z Loves Coworking

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As the oldest members of Generation Z graduate and enter the workforce, many businesses are struggling to recruit them. The youngest generation has new goals and ideals that employers are still figuring out how to meet. Some of the best practices for hiring Gen Z professionals — including shorter interview processes, practical work benefits, and virtual onboarding — are challenging old HR norms. Even influencer marketing and social media are becoming a key part of recruitment strategies.

One of the biggest draws for the world’s youngest workers is access to a coworking space. Let’s explore six reasons why Gen Z loves coworking.

Socialization Valued in the Workplace

The vast majority of Gen Z professionals value human connection in the workplace. The office is no longer just a space to make money and work. Since they’re spending the majority of their days with your company, Gen Z uses work as a place of socialization. However, many traditional companies make socializing difficult, with cubicles or remote work getting in the way of meaningful, face-to-face interactions.

Coworking allows members of Generation Z to surround themselves with familiar faces, with whom they can connect in an open office layout and during their breaks. Coworking spaces also typically host a number of networking and lunch events, so their members can form a close-knit community.

Disillusionment With Traditional Office Practices

It’s no secret that Gen Z is moving away from traditional office hierarchies and its negative effects. As the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, Generation Z is highly progressive and has been at the heart of many social justice movements in recent years. They want workplaces where everyone can thrive, and often, coworking spaces offer that environment more than traditional offices.

Coworking spaces are naturally more diverse, bringing together people from different industries and demographics. Plus, many coworking spaces actively embrace racial equity, open offices, and community.

Desire to Be on the Cutting Edge

Having grown up in the midst of rapid tech innovations, Gen Z loves being on the cutting edge. Great coworking spaces often invest in the latest technology to ensure their members get the best work experience possible. Rather than being stuck in a workspace with landlines and cubicles — which can be expensive for any business to replace — they may get access to the latest conference call systems, easy Chromecast technology for meetings, and more.

Desire for Mentorship

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Personal and professional development are highly prized by many members of Gen Z. Rather than seeking a supervisor who purely manages, the majority of young people want guidance and care, so they can work on improving themselves.

Coworking spaces are the perfect place for young professionals. It helps them connect with other diverse, experienced professionals who can help them expand their skill sets. Whether they want to learn about coding, accounting, or something else, there’s likely a member who can help them out.

Demand for Flexibility

Generation Z is a highly entrepreneurial generation. With plenty of young businesspeople creating their own successful companies these days, it’s no surprise that many members of Gen Z have taken to platforms like Upwork and Freelancer to find gigs and hone their craft well before completing their bachelor’s degrees. Naturally, Gen Z is gravitating toward jobs that offer more independence and workplace flexibility.

Utilizing a coworking space allows Gen Z professionals to perfectly balance their desire for connection and independent work. They can quietly work at their desk when they need to get productive, or they can jump on video calls and chat or collaborate with other professionals in the same space.

Plus, since coworking spaces are often accessible 24/7, Gen Z can thrive with the ability to work when they’re most productive and run personal errands whenever they need to.

Gen Z’s Collaborative Nature

Gen Z places a higher value on great work culture than past generations. If they’re spending 40 hours a week within a workspace, they want it to have a productive, collaborative atmosphere — one where everyone’s ideas are valued. While a traditional workplace may not support the culture they want, coworking gives them a host of options to choose from. If one coworking space isn’t a good fit, they can always join one that’s more social and collaborative.

To keep Gen Z around, companies increasingly need to assess their work culture, including their cultural values and social equity, to develop a more inclusive and collaborative environment. Coworking can help Gen Z feel satisfied at work, even as you’re still improving your company culture.

Attract More Gen Z Workers

When you offer Gen Z professionals a coworking stipend — or base your company at a coworking space — you can attract tech-savvy young professionals and prepare your company for the future of recruitment. Generation Z is increasingly looking for flexibility, mentorship, and collaborative culture. More than any traditional workspace, coworking can give young workers exactly what they’re looking for.

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Author bio: Jori Hamilton is a freelance writer living in the Pacific Northwest. She writes about workplace culture, the Great Resignation, cybersecurity, and entrepreneurship. You can find her on Twitter at @hamiltonjori
Why Gen Z Loves Coworking blog img
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