The Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces and Private Offices In NYC

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Sometimes stress is just unavoidable in the workplace. While people have different ways of coping with work-related stress, studies tell us that pets can be extremely helpful. According to experts, our furry buddies can help us improve our physical and mental well-being. They remind us to take breaks, go out for short walks, play, and just step back from whatever projects or problems we’re facing during the day.

As a result, we get to exercise, feel calmer, and become more productive in our jobs.

The Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces and Private Offices In NYC

We here, at The Farm Soho, firmly believe in this. This is why our doors are always open not just for our human customers but also their beloved furry friends. In fact, all our NYC locations are pet-friendly!

Other than our locations, allow us to give you a few more recommendations in the city:

The best pet-friendly coworking spaces and private offices in NYC

1. Bond Collective

First, we have the Bond Collective. With six locations across New York City (plus two more coming soon), people will totally dig the welcoming atmosphere that Bond Collective has to offer. Besides, this is a coworking company that promises clients that they’ll “always be accepted, respected, and welcomed”. 

Customers can also enjoy 24-hour access to Bond Collective’s premium coworking amenities. And yes, cats and dogs are welcome in the locations and common areas. Go get in touch with them to learn more about their services. 

Address: 55 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY
Contact number: (855) 926-9675
Email address: [email protected]

The Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces and Private Offices In NYC

2. The Yard

Next, The Yard’s high-end coworking offices are ideal for people who want to “focus on (their) business instead of logistics”. Established in 2011 by co-founders by Morris Levy and Richard Beyda, this provider has become a favorite workspace for numerous entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators from different industries.

Aside from their high-end office amenities and fast WiFi, The Yard has a dog-friendly environment in their locations. According to their official site:

"The Yard loves your furry friends and dogs are allowed at most locations. Please check with your local community manager about the pet policy in that building."

Don't hesitate to contact them for your bookings or inquiries.

Address: 106 W 32nd St, New York, NY
Contact information: +1 800-998-4392
Email address: [email protected]


Located in Brooklyn, SHARED is a coworking provider that also allows its clients to bring their pets to work - as long as they take full responsibility. 

We read in their website that all pets brought into the location should be “vaccinated, housebroken, and well behaved.” Plus prior approval from SHARED is required. Moreover, the owner will be held solely accountable for any injuries or damages a pet may cause. 

Address: 185 Van Dyke Street, Suite 205, Brooklyn, NY
Contact number: (347) 927-8141
Email address: [email protected]

4. Nomadworks

Nomadworks has two member-only locations on Broadway, New York. Their website has a page that tells us their offices are pet-friendly but offers no other information. Not to worry because other coworking-related websites have confirmed Nomadworks is one of the pet-friendly coworking spaces in New York.

Your best bet, of course, would need to get in touch with them to ask them for further details. We've provided their contact information below.

Address: 1216 Broadway, New York, NY
Contact number: (917) 463-3650
Email address: [email protected]

The Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces and Private Offices In NYC

5. 100 Bogart

Up next, we have 100 Bogart - a family-owned coworking company based in Brooklyn. Members are also allowed to bring their well-behaved dogs.

The 100 Bogart site reads:

"Members who have a private office are allowed to bring their well behaved dogs to work. If you plan on bringing your dog to the building, your request must be first approved by Community Manager."

Furthermore, pet owners are "solely responsible" in case their pet causes any injuries or damages to other members and the 100 Bogart property. All pets must also be vaccinated.

Address: 100 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY
Contact number: (718) 362-3539
Email address: [email protected]

6. Greendesk

Greendesk does a good job of combining affordable rates and flexible offices. Additionally, their private offices, dedicated desks, and conference rooms are all pet-friendly.

A previous customer praised the company and shared:

"Greendesk is pet friendly so we don't have to leave our furry friends at home anymore which is another plus for us."

Address: 240 Water St. Brooklyn, NY
Contact number: (718) 210-3650
Email address: [email protected]

The Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces and Private Offices In NYC

7. Cubico

Cubico is a “creative shared office space” also located in Brooklyn, NY. They offer their clients 24-hour access to the rooftop and courtyard. Feel free to bring your furry friends along with you since Cubico is also among the pet-friendly coworking spaces in NYC.

Address: 433 Broadway, NY
Contact number: (212) 960-3941
Email address: [email protected]

8. WeWork

WeWork has multiple locations in New York City. While most of them are pet-friendly, “some building management companies do not permit animals in their buildings.” That said, it’s best to check ahead to find out if your chosen location allows pets or not. 

Note also that pets are still welcome even in non-pet-friendly locations if they are classified as service animals, according to the definition set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  

Address: 450 Lexington Ave, New York, NY
Contact number: +1 646-389-3922
Email address: via website

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