Secret Online Shopping? A Virtual Mailbox Provider Can Help

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Buying a birthday present or an engagement ring can be challenging if you’re living under the same roof as the intended recipient. Secret online shopping may seem like a viable solution but here’s the thing: What happens if your loved one receives the package delivery while you’re not home? Well, there’s an easy solution: securing the services of a virtual mailbox provider. 

Reasons why people love giving gifts

For many of us, gift-giving has become part of our lifestyle and tradition. The mere act helps us feel good and strengthen our relationships. We invest time and money to express affection and make our loved ones feel appreciated. We look for the best gifts hoping that special occasions and holidays will become more memorable for them.

What’s more, gift-giving not only benefits the recipient - but the giver as well.

In a BBC article entitled “The science behind giving good gifts,” University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor Nicholas Epley said:

“When gift givers put a lot of thought into a gift, they feel closer to the recipient.”

Meanwhile, Harvard University psychology professor Dr. Ellen J. Langer told

“When you give a gift, it makes you feel generous, it makes you feel in control, it's good for your self-esteem and it's good for the relationship, because you come to know the person even better.”

Whether given during a life milestone, a major occasion, or out of the blue, gifts can indeed be a simple yet powerful way of expressing love. When done right, gift-giving can contribute to a happier relationship and a stronger bond.

How a virtual mailbox provider can help gift-givers

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So how does having a virtual mailbox come into play in all of this?

Well, to begin with, it provides a way out of the dilemma mentioned earlier. You’ll never have to worry about anyone discovering what you’ve bought if you don’t want them to. That’s because a virtual mailbox provider will accept parcels on your behalf at their own address. You can then simply pick them up at your leisure. 

Besides, this type of service gives you a digital mailbox or a private mailing address where both packages and letters can be delivered. This means that for a very affordable fee, you won’t have to use your personal address for mail and parcels you’re expecting to receive.

As you can tell, it can be a great tool for secret shopping. Instead of having your ordered gifts sent to your home, they will be sent straight to your virtual mailbox provider.   

Typically, these services are offered by coworking space companies that are open 24/7. You can count on their staff members to be present to receive your ordered gift on your behalf. You will immediately get a notification from them once your gift arrives. It will also be kept safely in storage for as long as necessary.

What happens once a virtual mailbox provider gets your parcel?

Depending on your preference, you can either drop by to pick it up or ask them to forward it to a specific address. Let’s say you and your partner are spending time away on an extended vacation. The virtual mailbox provider will receive the package sent by the online shop where you purchased your gift. 

The provider will then send you a photo of the parcel. They can then repackage the gift and send it to your location, depending on your instructions. If you have several gifts, you can also ask them to consolidate everything so you can save on shipping.     

Surprising your loved ones doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be easy, convenient, and trouble-free when you tap the services of the right virtual mailbox provider.

Other advantages of using a virtual mailbox provider

Apart from gift-giving, people use virtual mailbox services for many other reasons.

For example, digital nomads, freelancers, and other professionals who often travel to different places need a permanent address. Thanks to a virtual mailbox provider, they won’t have to miss important mail and parcels while they’re on the go.

Similarly, home-based entrepreneurs who don't want to publish their personal addresses also love virtual mailboxes. In addition to protecting their privacy, they can even use the provider’s professional address for important transactions. Need an address for business registration? Want to open a separate bank account for your company? You can use your virtual mailbox address for these and more.

Others also use the service as a way to simplify mail management. Beyond storing and forwarding, a virtual mailbox provider can also discard and shred junk mail on your behalf.

Final thoughts on the benefits of using a virtual mailbox service

Again, a virtual address or digital mailbox subscription can be really useful for discreet personal shopping and many other purposes.

And if you’re looking for a reputable provider of affordable virtual mailbox services or a virtual address in Manhattan NYC, then simply hit this link

Featured Image: Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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