Why Book A Conference Room When Meeting Investors

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Got an upcoming investor meeting? Well, you need to book a conference room right away!

As a startup owner, you can really benefit from renting conference rooms. These professional on demand meeting spaces can be the key to hosting productive meetings.

Why you should book a conference room for your next investor meeting

Here are some of the top reasons why booking a conference room is the way to go:

You can enjoy big savings

The most obvious advantage is the savings. When you book a conference room, you can choose the size of the room and how long you want to use it. You can reserve meeting rooms by the hour or for an entire day, depending on your needs and budget.

Needless to say, these rentable professional spaces are significantly cheaper than hotel conference rooms or facilities rented on a long lease. The cost is very reasonable, especially if you only need the place for an hour or so.

You get to use a top-quality room for your meeting without breaking the bank.

Conference rooms for rent are fully furnished

Next, you can count on conference rooms to have all the furniture and equipment needed to have a successful meeting.

For example, they have a stable WiFi connection along with outlets for plugging and charging your devices. Want to use a projector and screen for your presentation? They’ve got you covered, too! In fact, many conference rooms also have whiteboards, TVs, Apple TVs, and more.

Beyond that, some providers even offer free unlimited coffee, tea, and water for their customers. Plus outside catering is usually allowed.

In case you’re planning to serve food after your meeting, let staff members know so they can help you out.

The professional atmosphere will give you credibility 

Consider this for a moment: “Meet you at the conference room downtown” just sounds way better than “see you at Starbucks,” right?

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While there’s nothing wrong about meeting at a coffee shop, a professional space can help your brand make an impact. In a way, you’re showing the potential investor that you respect their time and are really serious about the meeting. Besides, these conference rooms are usually located in prestigious coworking spaces. So, the business vibe is already there.

You can definitely look forward to having an effective meeting when you book a conference room.

Privacy and focus

Of course, renting meeting rooms by the hour gives you something you wouldn’t be able to experience in a public setting: privacy.

Imagine how awkward it would be to make your pitch and share confidential information with other café or restaurant customers eavesdropping in the background!

A professional conference room eliminates all those distractions and allows your meeting the focus it deserves. The tone is instantly set from the moment you step inside the door. All participants will be in a creative and attentive mode as they participate in the meeting.  

Conference rooms for rent are easily available anywhere

As mentioned earlier, meeting rooms are often offered by coworking companies. This means you can easily find them in your area by using your favorite search engine. If you’re in New York City, you can look up “meeting spaces for rent in NYC” or other related key phrases.

The same applies when you’re traveling out of state or even out of the country. Whenever you’re on a business trip, you can count on local conference rooms if you need to meet in person with potential investors. You can quickly book a conference room via online reservations or by simply giving them a call.

Important tips when meeting with your investors

There are crucial things to keep in mind before, during, and after an investor meeting.

Be well-prepared and organized

First off, you need to remember that your goal is to make a positive first impression. As such, you want to prepare and organize your presentation along with all relevant documents ahead of time. Doing so will make it easier for you to feel more confident and enthusiastic as you pitch your business proposal.  

Arrive early

Naturally, being punctual is a must. Arriving late can be a big deal breaker for most investors. So be there up to 30 minutes before your scheduled time in order to properly prepare. It’s no good making the effort to book a great conference room if you don’t make the most of what’s offered.

Present a detailed business plan

A huge portion of the meeting will be spent scrutinizing your business plan. So it’s best to have a detailed one. Take time to highlight your startup’s strengths and what sets you apart in your niche. Be ready to present comprehensive details about your market scope, along with information about your marketing goals and strategies. Show them about how you plan to succeed despite the presence of bigger competitors in the industry.

Share a compelling story

Facts and figures are important but good storytelling makes it possible for you to connect with investors better. As a result, you have better chances of winning them over to your concept.

In a Business News Daily feature, Kibii CEO Michael Simonetta said:

“Give investors a reason to be excited about working with you so they will buy into your business plan with certainty. Show them why you’re working toward your goal, not just how.”

Allocate time for discussion

Nothing is more boring than a lengthy monologue. Your investors will surely have questions so reserve time for that. They will try to evaluate your proposal’s potential from different angles, so be ready to provide your best responses.

Try to avoid asking for money at the first meeting

Sure, the whole point of an investor meeting is to seek funding from them. You know that and they know it. However, there is no need to rush things. Just focus on convincing them about your concept – and making a meaningful connection.

As venture capitalist Paul Lee told Entrepreneur:

“You can't expect an investor to fall in love with you as an entrepreneur and your business in just one meeting. It takes time to build a relationship.”

Send a ‘thank you’ note

Sending a simple thank you message can be a great way to forge connections made during the meeting. You should include a short recap of the agenda, and provide any extra information they requested that you didn’t have to hand.

Final thoughts on why to book a conference room

Investor meetings can be overwhelming and intimidating. But with these practical pointers, you’ll be better prepared for the occasion before you even book a conference room. Just put your best foot forward and we bet you can look forward to a productive and successful meeting with your prospective investors. Good luck!

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