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Professionals living in New York or simply staying there for a short time have nothing to worry about when it comes to finding flexible workspaces. In fact, the city offers numerous options. Traveling entrepreneurs, tech innovators, digital nomads, freelancers and others can easily check out different types of NYC coworking spaces.

These professional facilities serve as a second home to individuals and teams looking for an environment where they can be productive. In these spaces, people can work on their projects without having to rent a traditional office. Moreover, they can potentially make valuable new connections as they meet fellow coworking users from different industries.

So when choosing a coworking space in NYC, the goal, of course, is to find one that best fits your needs. You have to consider not only your budget but also your working style and preference.

If you’re hoping to learn more about the various kinds of coworking spaces in New York, we have some examples. Just take note that these aren’t exactly strict categories since some providers offer a combination of features.

That said, read on and let’s explore your possible choices…

Different types of NYC coworking spaces

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Conventional coworking spaces

First up, we have the conventional coworking spaces, which mostly target freelancers and startups. These providers offer shared desks for their clients.

For first-timers, a Day Pass or Week Pass package is an affordable way to give coworking a shot. On the other hand, Hot Desk and Dedicated Desk options are recommended for those who want to stay longer and have a guaranteed spot.

Coworking spaces plus

In addition to coworking spaces in NYC, these companies also accommodate teams since they have private offices. Entrepreneurs can also use their facilities such as event venues and meeting rooms. On top of that, they also offer virtual mailboxes for those who want to avail of mail management services. The Farm SoHo is a great example of these types of NYC coworking spaces, offering all of the above.

Niche-specific coworking spaces

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Next, we have the niche coworking spaces, which are also known as specialized coworking spaces. As you can tell from their name, these establishments provide services to specific clientele. They build a targeted community based on their category.

Examples for this would include dedicated coworking spaces for women, healthcare workers, working parents, legal professionals, and more. If you want to be surrounded by professionals in the same field, this could be the right kind of workspace for you. Amenities and community events are likewise designed to meet niche-specific needs.   

Coworking cafés

For a more relaxed setting, a coworking café can be a great fit for you. These spaces are a combination of the cozy vibe of cafés and the professional environment that comes with coworking. Of course, you can get your fill of caffeine and snacks from them as well.

Incubator/accelerator coworking spaces

Incubator/accelerator coworking spaces can be the ideal workplace for business owners. These flexible workspaces provide startups with access to a wide network of resources. Moreover, they have exclusive programs and events to help members grow their respective companies in the process.  

Coliving/coworking spaces

Meanwhile, coliving spaces are a favorite spot for digital nomads and entrepreneurs on the go. These overnight stay workspaces offer customers an affordable alternative to traditional apartments while providing them with necessary amenities for focused work.  

These spaces often have kitchens, lounges, and gyms, as well as dedicated work areas. People can enjoy the convenience of having a place to stay in and work in at the same time. Rental rates are also flexible so there is no need to worry about costly, long-term leases.

Wellness coworking spaces

Want to work in a healthy environment? These spaces specialize in catering to health-conscious workers who want a place with fresh air, ample lighting, and green scenery. Also, these unique workspaces offer yoga classes, massage therapies, and other services for their clients’ overall well-being.

Virtual coworking spaces

Finally, we have virtual coworking spaces. Although this option is a cyberspace-based workplace, customers get a physical address, reception services, call answering, and so on.

This type of coworking space is recommended for professionals and entrepreneurs who are mostly working remotely but want a professional address for their business. This allows them to maintain a credible image with their customers despite being home-based or traveling constantly.

Other services provided for virtual coworking members may include mail receipt and forwarding, meeting space, and private offices, among others.

Final thoughts

In a CNBC feature, The Riveter founder and CEO Amy Nelson shared:

“People will always need, and will be looking for, a place to connect, find community, and to find a purpose.”

Meanwhile, Harvard Business Review pointed out that coworking spaces truly give their members “a sense of professionalism and credibility.”  

So the next time you’re in town and want to look up a professional workspace, consider checking out different types of NYC coworking spaces. Doing so will help you make the most of your stay and get the best out of your budget.

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